Col Brian L. Bishop

Pawn Takes Bishop

By AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: This should interest those of you who have been forwarding material to us regarding leadership failings of Col Brian L. Bishop. Please keep the contributions coming.] From: “Brian L….

Gen Dave Goldfein, Deborah James, Maj Gen Vazquez

Civil Air Patrol Honored for 4 Years of Hell

By Jeremy Webster | U.S. Air Force News [Editor’s Note: The accurate story is this was one of the most corrupt periods in CAP history. Under Maj Gen Charles Carr and Maj Gen Joseph Vazquez,…

Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, Lt Col Will Stranahan

Rhode Island Wing Vice Accused of Cadet Misconduct

By Jeremiah Ryan | The Kent County Daily Times [Editor’s Note: AuxBeacon has been investigating this story for several weeks, but this article is now out for public consideration.] WEST WARWICK — Following the decision…