Flag of Rhode Island

Rhode Island Wing Chatter

By AuxBeacon News Staff We hear the chatter and see all the flapping, but need more evidence before we could relay what you have told us.  So, if you or others have more, please forward…

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Civil Air Patrol

Elderly CAP Pilots Flip Plane

By Rich Berry | ABC TV 10 News A small plane coming in for a landing at the Fallbrook Air Park ran out of runway and made a left, causing the plane to roll over,…


Overt Racism in Civil Air Patrol?

By AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: We received this image and commentary today from what appears to be an anonymous team contribution.] In the past, I was told about scattered reports of commander bigotry, racist…

Deb Schmid

AuxBeacon Picture of the Day No. 5

By AuxBeacon News Staff We received this image today. Thank you for your contribution. AuxBeacon Updates: 19:39PM on 25 August: In addition to use of the Air Force uniform in personal fundraising, RegRabbit noted the…

Robert S. Williams

Lt Gen Williams Appointed to BoG

By AuxBeacon News Staff Civil Air Patrol announced today that Lt Gen Robert S. Williams is the newest member of Civil Air Patrol’s Board of Governors. He is commander of both 1st Air Force (Air…

Don Rowland

Shuffle Up or Clean House?

By AuxBeacon News Staff The Aux Sentinel, News of the Force and CAP Insights have reported some shakeup news from the National Conference in Nashville. In addressing Civil Air Patrol’s current problems, the mindset among…

Donald Trump

You’re Gone!

By Julie Sentinel According to multiple teams working probes in Nashville, CAP Chief Operating Officer Don Rowland has been “released” by the Board of Governors with time still left on his contract. The CAP Membership…

The Aux Sentinel

New CAP Over-Site on the Block!

By AuxBeacon News Staff We see that uncorrected abuses in Civil Air Patrol have spawned yet another CAP Ombudsman website to support the struggling membership. Welcome to The Aux Sentinel as they take an independent…

Jayson Altieri

Col Davidson Resigns as BoG Vice Chair

By AuxBeacon News Staff Col Jason Altieri presented a Civil Air Patrol BoG Coin to Mr William A. Davidson, Vice Chairman of the CAP BoG upon his departure from the board. Bill, a retired USAF…

Richard Greenwood

Snickering Spirit Mission

By AuxBeacon News Staff During the 2015 CAP National Conference in Orlando Florida, News of the Force (NOTF) ran an article presenting evidence that Col Richard Greenwood lied to Georgia Wing members regarding Col Alvin…

Civil Air Patrol

Psychopaths in the CAP?

By ALord | CAPTalk I have been in CAP 15 years in February. During that time, I have seen senior members who were embezzlers, professional con-artists, military impersonators, and various forms of sexual deviants. More…

William Davidson, Sanford Schlitt, Warren Vest

AuxBeacon Picture of the Day No. 4

By AuxBeacon News Staff The CAP Board of Governors – Col William Davidson, Brig Gen Sanford Schlitt, Col Timothy C. Verrett We received this picture today. Thank you for your contribution.

Lackland AFB

Lackland Air Force Base Sex Scandal

By Jen Norris | Military Justice For All The Lackland Air Force Base Sex Scandal erupted in the 2011/2012 time frame. Sig Christenson, a reporter from San Antonio Express, slowly began to reveal the sex…