Col Blazich Critical of 75th Anniversary Graphic

By AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: This morning we received this from an anonymous contact. Thank you for your contribution.] On CAP’s 75th Anniversary, Col Frank Blazich, the CAP National Historian publicly berates National PAO…

Robert E. Corsi

Col Robert Corsi Appointed to BoG

By CAP Volunteer Now News The newest member of Civil Air Patrol’s governing body, the Board of Governors [BoG], is Col Robert E. Corsi Jr, former assistant deputy chief of staff for manpower, personnel and services,…

Opposition Growing to CAP’s Halloween Costume

By Skylar Caldwell | LinkedIn News [Editor’s Note: The natives are restless with torches and pitchforks over Col Richard Greenwood’s Frankenstein uniform monster.] ***This article is written specifically for members of Civil Air Patrol, if…

Col Brian L. Bishop

Pawn Takes Bishop

By AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: This should interest those of you who have been forwarding material to us regarding leadership failings of Col Brian L. Bishop. Please keep the contributions coming.] From: “Brian L….