Air Force Fighter Pilot Convicted of Rape

Fighter Pilot RapeMountain Home AFB Base Idaho


An Air Force fighter pilot was convicted of rape last week, nine years after he committed the crime against a young airman.

Lt. Col. Michael J. Briggs, an F-16 pilot who was the 52nd Fighter Wing chief of safety at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, was convicted on Aug. 7, according to Air Force officials, after a weeklong court-martial before a military judge.

The judge sentenced Briggs, 40, to five months in jail, dismissal from the Air Force and a reprimand.

The rape occurred in 2005 while Briggs was on a temporary duty assignment at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, officials said.

“This was a violent rape that left (the victim) bleeding and bruised,” said an Air Force official, who declined to be identified because he was not authorized to discuss the case.

“This was a case of us having a program in place, and her feeling empowered,” said Capt. Bryon McGarry, a Spangdahlem spokesman.

The staff sergeant contacted Air Force criminal investigations. Investigators taped a phone call she made to Briggs, discussing the long-ago event, according to the official familiar with the case.

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