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Gen Billy MitchellGen Billy Mitchell

By AuxBeacon News Staff

Following the Navy’s Shenandoah disaster and the loss of three seaplanes en-route to Hawaii, Gen Billy Mitchell issued the following statement:

“These incidents are the direct result of the incompetency, criminal negligence and almost treasonable administration of the national defense….”

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  1. Avatar Bob Scrillimonger, Maj, CAP | May 11, 2016 at 02:10 | Reply

    These guys proceeded to fly around for two hours, searching for the ELT. When they returned, I asked if they had any luck. They mumbled that they couldn’t find out from where the signal was emanating. Turns out it was a Cherokee 6, that had a hard landing, at our airport, and was parked directly next to the CAP 172.

    I remember thinking that if I had a problem and went down and it was up to these idiots to find me, I would pretty much be doomed.

  2. Avatar Mark Strassburger, Capt, CAP | May 11, 2016 at 01:58 | Reply

    I am a longtime member of CAP, but even I question our relevance today. Others have pointed out better than I could how technology has advanced in the SAR/ELT detection role.

  3. Sadly, CAP has chosen to conduct personal attacks on top Air Force leaders, rather than focus on the issues. In several instances, press releases by CAP National Headquarters have cross the bounds of proper decorum. CAP Region Commanders referred to actions by top Air Force leaders as ‘slimy,’ called them ‘liars,’ and proclaimed them worthy of ‘removal from office. Unless corrected, these attacks will permanently breach the CAP-Air Force relationship.

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