AuxBeacon Invites CAP Members to Critique Hurricane Response

Hurricane IrmaHurricane Irma

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: At the request of several of our readers, we are creating this place for CAP members to comment on the response to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.]

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  1. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR SEARCH & RESCUE MISSION? Rescue, meaning using ground teams in the field to carry out and rescue victims. Search, meaning searching for victims to be rescued.

    We aren’t the Fed X. Relief supplies from Maryland. Geez! FYI, North Carolina does have Walmarts. What did this meaningless trip cost us?

  2. Avatar Just Plain Joe | January 23, 2018 at 03:06 | Reply

    True, but that’s a really minor component of why no one really uses them.

    The rampant safety issues, functionally nonexistent training, and the fact that elt detection and vhf radios just aren’t really unique or super useful are why.

    If CAP offered personnel and resources that were of any quality or utility, first responders would do everything they could to access those resources as often as possible.

  3. Avatar Just Plain Joe | January 23, 2018 at 02:42 | Reply

    Kinda both. They’re pretty much able to act with impunity. A big part of the problem is that the only real oversight occurs at the national level. As long as national can cook the books and silence dissent, the air force doesn’t really notice anything. Most have no idea Cap exists. There is no significant involvement at the local level except on a piecemeal basis.

    Whenever AF tries to do anything, CAP pulls their civilian volunteer card and throws a tantrum to their politically connected pals

    Plus, CAP people are such arrogant, incompent, obstructionist pains in the ass that no one wants to work with them. Let alone call on them to do a job. Local AF bases who’ve had bad run ins with these people just kinda plug their ears and hope that they go away.

    Much as I’d like to see it overhauled and turned into something good, CAP is like a rabid dog with four broken legs. Just needs to be put down.

  4. Non-profit entities have a special tax-exempt status and therefore have a responsibility to be as honestly, efficiently, and transparently operated as possible. Just as importantly, nonprofits have a moral obligation to spend the vast majority of their resources furthering those causes for which the organizations were created. That is, after all, why Congress created the tax exempt status in the first place. It stands to reason, then, that the public should know how CAP performs its work in pursuit of its stated mission.

    I have some questions:

    What is the nature and extent of the oversight to which the CAP’s disaster-related service are subject?

    What external oversight exists of the CAP’s disaster services?

    Who paid for the CAP participant’s lodging, food, expenses for the aerial photography missions?

  5. Ray Hayden’s blog entry on Irma is brutal and I know that Emergency Management Agencies didn’t task the Georgia Wing.

  6. We need to keep the accidents and molestations that happen in Civil Air Patrol a secret so that we continue to receive funding. Why are you so stupid to make all this information more noticeable????

  7. Through the Georgia Wing mass mailer tool, I received emails from both Brett Slagle and Don Hamrick: two CAP characters who appear spanked in complaints and judgements leaked to your site and to Skip’s News of the Force. They reveal that GEMA did not make use of Civil Air Patrol in Georgia and locals know the reason why.

    • Avatar GEMACorrection | September 19, 2017 at 18:28 | Reply

      You obviously don’t know how to read then. GEMA DID make use of CAP in Ga.

      • Incorrect! GEMA did not task the CAP in Georgia wing for anything in regard to Hurricane Irma. However, there were 2 taskings or missions in Savannah, but they were for the Center for Space Research.

  8. They called our crews, we went, came home, went back to our jobs and families. What more can you ask.

  9. i just want to repeat that –

    Major David Bowles shut down the Fubar-Eclipse “non-response” thread on CAP Talk to prevent further comments from us being reported by your team.

    • It is usual practise on CapTalk to lock threads that have commentary not favourable to CAP (or at least, not following the NHQ line). Maj Bowles has threatened me by PM several times to “knock it off” or I will be suspended/barred. I have always explained myself to him and he has not (yet) done so…but if it happens, as the saying goes, I’ve been thrown out of worse places by better people!

  10. Using Civil Air Patrol degenerate sexagenarian pilots is a waste of money. The Telecom Industry has figured out how to use drones after storm damage.

    Unmanned camera-borne aircraft can access where the damage is, and help determine the best routes to get in and what equipment to bring.

    “Reviewing video from the drone, our network engineers realized that one cell site had its equipment on stilts and was not damaged,” said Verizon’s Kate Harris.

    The problem was that the generator needed fuel.

    “The team was able to send in a team via boat and refueled the generator, getting the site back online to serve customers within just a few hours versus days,” Harris said.

    CAP members can read this for themselves in today’s NPR.

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