AuxBeacon Picture of the Day No. 13

CAP Brig Gen Larry Myrick, National Vice CommanderCAP Brig Gen Larry Myrick, National Vice Commander

By AuxBeacon News Staff

We received this photo today. Thank you for your contribution.

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  1. Word on the street is that Myrick is a shoe-in for National Commander and that BoG will just “play it safe.” (which is not safe at all). There is also word that Myrick has promised Leclair that he will be the vice.

    There might be a lot of hot air to this, but a Myrick-Leclair command team would drive even more people out of CAP. Leclair is a tyrant and a bully in command, attempting to rule by fear, intimidation, spies and outright lies to people. (ask any Wing Commander in the northeast what its like to work for him. Then look up the wing commanders who he’s FIRED and ask them..You’ll hear pretty much the same story) You can bet that he would work the same way, only nationally, if made the vice commander.

    The BoG will probably make the “safe choice” of Myrick because “thats the way its always been done,” and while Larry is a nice, grandfatherly man, he’s not what the organization needs today.

    Do your diligence. You’ll see.

  2. Larry makes me sick to my stomach. The cadets who exposed these national buffoons in that video should be given a medal.

  3. CongressionalLeaker | March 27, 2017 at 22:03 | Reply

    I realize you guys are very busy bee Airline Captains disgusted with the abuses in Civil Air Patrol, but you need to get this story up on your front page.

    Air Force Capt. Dirk Watson, stationed at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, is accused of trying to have sex with a teenage girl and is the only such suspect to be charged with that particular crime.

    Also, search for the leaks on the CAP-USAF officers at the underground voice.

    One more thing, look for the evidence piling up in the underground voice (check your contact inbox) on Gamache and Bedgood and Greenwood.

  4. Fruit.Salad | March 22, 2017 at 13:33 | Reply

    Did Larry sleep in that jacket?

  5. Hey, that is the next National Commander.

    But that is part of the problem. CAP is years behind the curve on anything related to electronics and social media.

    CAP needs a younger generation of officers at higher positions to give CAP some life, but I doubt it happens.

    • The CAP today is comprised mostly of young kids and old, fat people. Most young adults that would even consider an interest are involved in real SAR organizations or other meaningful volunteer programs that actually help people and not themselves. They aren’t going to join a “has been” SAR organization and play pretend air force when there are better options on the table elsewhere.

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