AuxBeacon Picture of the Day No. 14

CAP Col James Hughes, CAP Lt Col Joe KnightCAP Col James Hughes, CAP Lt Col Joe Knight

By AuxBeacon News Staff

We received this photo today. Thank you for your contribution.

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  1. Avatar KlutzyPenetrator | July 20, 2017 at 18:59 | Reply

    Civil Air Patrol cadets need more live weapons training like we all had back in 2000 with master Air Force impersonator Jeffrey A. Klotz. 30 M-16 rifles, 10 M-9 pistols and 12,000 rds from Fort Meade and Fort Indiantown Gap.

  2. Avatar Haulaway Knight | May 14, 2017 at 19:39 | Reply

    Head’s up! It looks like Joe Knight’s mommy is finally out as Georgia Wing Finance Officer. Col VB sent out an announcement on May 10th to end that odd nepotism. Too little, too late.

    In the leaked AF102s we have read about Tom Calvanelli threatening a Georgia Wing CFI to prevent him from reporting pilot taxpayer fraud and safety violations up his official chain. Tonya Boylan removed him for that, but Andrea’s tapping of Tom Calvanelli for Stan/Eval shows that the corruption of the good ole boi club still has a hold.

    May 10th 2017

    I am pleased to announce the following appointments to the Georgia Wing Headquarters Staff:

    Lt Col Tom Calvanelli – Stan/Eval Officer

    Maj Bill Stieglitz – Director of Safety

    SM Veronica Choate – Director of Finance

    Our thanks to Maj Brad Haynes (now Director of Operations), Lt Col Chris Savage, Lt Col Val Knight, and Lt Col Brad Choate for their service in these roles.

    Col Andrea Van Buren, CAP
    Georgia Wing Commander

  3. Sharing a gasser with the pastor of Cornelia First United Methodist Church? God is good, y’all.

  4. “Always a bridesmaid’s adviser, yet never a bride. It’s my puking, isn’t it?”

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