AuxBeacon Picture of the Day No. 16

CAP Col Richard Hill, CAP Lt Col Phil Hirons of Rhode Island WingCAP Col Richard Hill, CAP Lt Col Phil Hirons of Rhode Island Wing

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: We recently received this photo from a concerned aviator incredulously asking how the man on the right could have possibly earned Mission Observer Wings. Thank you for your contribution.]

2 Comments on "AuxBeacon Picture of the Day No. 16"

  1. During my time at CAP Feb. 09 – April 2014, Phil Huron never entered an aircraft EVER! Phil Huron NEVER attended an air crew safety meeting. Since I personally trained the members on the use of the avionics, I can attest that Mr. Huron never entered an aircraft. I’m particular, during the floods of 2010, the RI WING flew numerous sorties with numerous aircraft over a week long period. Mr. Hirons never entered an airplane. Mr. Hirons, from the date that I met him in 2009, was always of the same size. As the former DO for 2 years, Mr. Hirons never entered an aircraft or participated in any aircrew events. Just more fabrications from RI.

    Rob Cote

  2. Avatar Lt Col Philip G. Hirons, Jr., CAP | May 31, 2017 at 20:24 | Reply

    I completed Observer training in 2011. Unfortunately I have gained weight since then. I am not currently qualified as an Observer. Once a CAP aviation badge is earned it is worn even if the qualification lapses. Rob Cote, who sent this picture in, know this. Phil’Er Up, stay classy.

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