AuxBeacon Picture of the Day No. 3

Joseph Vazquez, Michael Tyynismaa, Larry MyrickJoseph Vazquez, Michael Tyynismaa, Larry Myrick - Feb 26, 2016

By AuxBeacon News Staff

On the left and on the right, the CAP is “Always” Vigilant!

At a recent CAP event, National Commander Maj Gen Joseph Vazquez and his Vice Commander, Brig Gen Larry Myrick doze off to CAP-USAF Commander, Col Michael D. Tyynismaa‘s speech.

We received this picture today. Thank you for your contribution.

2 Comments on "AuxBeacon Picture of the Day No. 3"

  1. “Ut sis nocte levis, sit cena brevis.”

    “That your sleeping hour be peaceful, let your dining hour be brief.”

  2. Avatar Joe Reaper | July 25, 2016 at 22:59 | Reply

    Abuse of power isn’t limited to bad guys in other organizations. It happens “frequently” in our own organization if we’re not vigilant.

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