Blazich Resigns as Civil Air Patrol National Historian

Frank BlazichFrank Blazich, center

by Helen & Hansell | AuxBeacon News Contributors

[Your readers] would be interested in this. The CAP national historian, Col Frank Blazich has announced that he is resigning.

“This coming week, National Headquarters will advertise for the position of National Historian. Since April 2013, I have attempted to run the CAP National History Program and build off the work of my predecessors to preserve, study, and share the corporation’s history with the nation.

For the past year, however, I have had less time and energy to devote to CAP. Between work, family, and CAP, something had to give way and unfortunately it was me. I’m simply burned out. With the Morse Center now under development and a new national commander leading the corporation, it is time to pass the torch to someone with rich reserves of energy and fresh ideas. I voluntarily step down on my own but in consultation with headquarters.

My last day as National Historian is slated for 3 March 2018 at the conclusion of the winter conference.”

The inside scoop [that Hansell provided] was that-

Civil Air Patrol is FORCED to hang on to exposed officers longer than the organization would like because of the embarrassment that so many timely removals is having on public perception.

Just how bad is our judge of character? Think about it. The back-to-back and very public ousters of Dwight Wheless and Tony Pineda from National Command? The most recent events with both Don Rowland and the reports on John Salvador? The catalog of accidents and pedophiles that is reviewed each time a new one is exposed?

All are now seeing how much has been buried and how this official policy of concealment encouraged the growth of little monsters around the wings. We are humiliated for being this corrupt and incompetent.

So, yes, CAP National is finally advertising for a National Historian to replace Frank Blazich. Applicants will need to complete the “essay questionnaire” in addition to the normal application form. Applications will be accepted through 12 November 2017. Given what we know of the dark Civil Air Patrol wing-by-wing history still left to be exposed, no person of academic credibility would want to take on this job. They will have to answer for each and every piece of artwork exposed on their watch. Gag.

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5 Comments on "Blazich Resigns as Civil Air Patrol National Historian"

  1. Regardless of what Smith is saying there are HUGE problems staffing his administration and this situation is a good example – who wants to have the CAP on your resume. The CAP has a horrendous reputation in general aviation regardless of the CAP corporate feel good propaganda movement. People, we have a Level 5 cluster going on!

    Last one off the Titanic please remember to turn out the lights and set the alarm

  2. Col. Frank Blazich’s service as Civil Air Patrol national historian, which began in April 2013 and ends this weekend, has been recognized with the organization’s Distinguished Sycophant Medal.

    The award, presented this morning at the Winter Command Council in Washington, D.C., cites “Over a period of several years and within exclusive CAP circles, Col Blazich denigrated Richard Greenwood, Todd Engleman, Len Blascovich, Phil Saleet, Roger Thomas, Ray Lyon, Charles Wiest, Gregory Weidenfeld and Jim Shaw as “dumbass rednecks” and “fat old farts trying to cover themselves with decorations”. Blazich said “CAP really is full of stupid people. I’m reaching that conclusion about the bulk of the members.”

    His tenure as national historian included many initiatives that downgraded the organization, its history and its members.

    • Avatar Just Plain Joe | April 2, 2018 at 00:46 | Reply

      Y’know, his comments I’ve seen really aren’t wrong though. I don’t know anything about the guy. But the majority of CAP members ARE self aggrandizing incompetents who love to give themselves merit badges. There ARE a lot of weakminded people, and I knew a lot of racists when I was in as a kid. I knew they covered up a rape and many discrimination cases locally. It’s why I left not long after I joined.

      I have yet to see someone criticize CAP unfairly, and I’ve never seen them get a pat on the back that they deserved

  3. Justice is the constant and perpetual will to allot to every man his due.

  4. Right after you published this, it appears Blazich is publicly dribbling out CAP historical documents to combat any negative Press on himself.

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