BOG & CAP-USAF No Longer Ignorant

CAP BoG Chair, Col Jayson Altieri & CAP BoG Member, Col Tim Verrett

By AuxBeacon News Staff

AuxBeacon has recently received a series of new documents from community members regarding abuses in Civil Air Patrol – U.S. Air Force Auxiliary and the willful ignorance of its Board Members. This includes documents pertaining to the story of Lt Col Robert (Bobby) G. Hill, CAP and other community leaders around the nation. Lt Col Hill is a pilot and retired Police Detective of 26 years who, like a few other CAP members now speaking out, has endured reprisals and the politically useful termination process. The abuse members like Hill receive are in exchange for working a corrupt Chain of Command up to other avenues to report criminal forgery of CAP documents, fraud and other abuses from tightly ensconced members of Civil Air Patrol.

CAP National Commander Joseph R. Vazquez initiated the membership termination process against Lt Col Hill, in part, for Hill’s filing of one of many new Congressional Complaints against Civil Air Patrol. Archival records show that the frequently and publicly exposed leaders of Civil Air Patrol (Vazquez, Carr, Pineda, Wheless, Bobick, etc.) have been able to “tweak” CAP regulations over time to dissuade members from communicating their evidence of abuse and corruption to oversight authorities such as CAP-USAF Commanders and IGs or members of the CAP Board of Governors. This reg-change game allows a CAP-USAF or CAP BOG member to enjoy a lazy credentials-building tenure in a state of plausible deniability over their inaction regarding the crimes of financial malfeasance, forgery, retaliatory abuse of authority, FAA regulations and safety violations, pedophilia ad infinitum.

As one example, CAP Col Tim Verrett a CAP Board of Governor Member, never responded to Lt Col Hill’s communication. All Hill received was yet another letter threatening to terminate his membership.

As a second example, CAP Col Richard Greenwood, the commander of Georgia Wing, threatened members in his Wing by way of Skip Munger’s News of the Force not to report abuses in his administration.

This behavior will no longer be tolerated by the general CAP membership. AuxBeacon has been advised that all CAP-USAF and BOG members have been under special investigation and will continue to be investigated.

AuxBeacon readership is encouraged to take special note of the following individuals and to submit truthful and respectful comments along with supporting evidence helpful in evaluating their background, performance and public behavior to AuxBeacon via private or public comment:


Col Jayson Altieri, CAP
Vice Chairman

Col Ralph L. Miller, CAP

Col Tim Verrett, CAP

Col C. Warren Vest, CAP


Lt Gen Judith Fedder, USAF (Ret.)

Lt Gen Robert S. Williams
Commander, 1st Air Force

Mr. Robert E. Corsi, Jr.


Mr. George Perry
Senior Vice President, Air Safety Institute

Maj Gen Teresa Marné Peterson, USAF (Ret.)
Board of Directors,
National Order of Daedalians

Ms. Stacey Bechdolt
Vice President, Safety & Operations and Regulatory Counsel, Regional Airline Association


Maj Gen Joseph R. Vazquez, CAP
CAP Chief Executive Officer

Col Michael Tyynismaa, USAF
CAP-USAF Commander

Lt Col Robert Griffith, USAF
CAP-USAF Inspector General

Col Jon Stokes, CAP
CAP Pacific Region Commander

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3 Comments on "BOG & CAP-USAF No Longer Ignorant"

  1. Given my recent experience in CAP, when I see the CAP-USAF crest and see the shaking hands symbolizing the relationship supposedly between CAP and the Air Force, I think that now it should be a set of fists going at one another. I don’t get it. I am a member of the supposed Air Force Auxiliary or Total Force, prior service Air Guard, and I have never experienced hostility from the Army, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard the way that I have from Air Force personnel.

    If Secretary Wilson does not address this rapidly deteriorating relationship, I do not believe there will be a Civil Air Patrol for her to preside over. In my wing, it’s the biggest “good ole’ boy” network I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what to do to improve this. I’m just a squadron-level puke wearing Captain’s bars that some Air Force people have told me I have no right to wear.

  2. Avatar FedderShortTime | September 5, 2017 at 02:36 | Reply

    Those of us who actually know Judith Fedder know that she is no longer employed with Boeing.

    She worked for Boeing in the Washington DC Metro Area from Nov. 2015 to June 2017.

    That’s about 1 year and 7 months: a Short Timer as we say, so your concerns may be valid even if your info is outdated.

    She started on the Civil Air Patrol Board of Governors in June of 2015. She is presently an Independent Consultant at a firm known as JFedder Consulting, LLC.

    You do the math. As someone else has already figured out, the game is Curricula Vitae inflation.

  3. Avatar ClassAction Patriot | July 14, 2017 at 19:03 | Reply

    Every year billions of dollars are stolen from the American Taxpayer by companies and people that file false claims with the government. Most are in the healthcare and defense industries. If you know this is going on and turn them in you may be entitled to a reward.

    Whistleblowers are patriots who allow the government to take back our stolen money. Crime doesn’t pay. Doing the right thing does.

    Visit for more information.
    Call 24/7: (800) 888-1234

    Information. Protection. Justice.

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