CAP BOG Failure Sanctifies Genocidal Columbus

Pilgrim Jayson Altieri, Civil Air PatrolPilgrim Jayson Altieri, Civil Air Patrol

by Cold Talker | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: This story was sent to us around Columbus Day earlier this year.]

Member001: [redacted] [redacted] question for either of you when you see this.

Member002: I’m here, what’s up?

Member001: Who is this guy Jayson Allyn Altieri? I got my ass chewed today by [redacted] over the fact that we have Civil Air Patrol members like this.

Member003: Oh, Altieri is not just a member. He is a former BOG Chair, BOG member and an entitled loud mouth with a concealed CAP crash. Why are you asking? What did he do?

Member001: See here. This was shoved in my face today. I was embarrassed, but I think I covered well.

Jayson Altieri respects Christopher Columbus

Jayson Altieri respects Christopher Columbus

Member002: Oh, that’s not going to be good for the effort in [redacted].

Member001: Ya, no kiddin. What is wrong with this guy?

Member003: Maybe he had a few too many belts with the Daleville KoC?

Member001: KoC?

Member003: Knights of Columbus, Daleville Chapter ALABAMA.

Member001: LOL, funny. He does frequently appear guzzling alcohol on AuxBeacon.

Member003: Columbus was used as a symbol to rectify perceived abuses of Italian-Americans before we knew just how abusive and brutal he was. Columbus forced the Taino natives on Hispaniola into slavery, and punished them with the loss of limbs and death if they did not gather enough gold for him.

Member002: Guys like LTC Altieri can’t cope with the change that is coming. They also resent the advantages afforded to northern-educated military officers of higher grade, especially the US admiral who exposed Columbus for what he really was.

Member001: What? What are you talking about?

Member002: Look up RADM Samuel Eliot Morison and his Pulitzer Prize winning book Admiral of the Ocean Sea (1942) and Christopher Columbus, Mariner (1955).

Member002: That’s the start of Americans coming to understand Columbus’ genocide against the Arawak and Taino peoples. Now, many states and cities have replaced Columbus Day with celebrations for Indigenous People’s Day.

Member003: I wonder if the new AZ211 Ketchum crew in Shonto know about this?

Member001: I really can’t ask now can I?

Member002: How did [redacted] discover that Altieri posted this taunt?

Member001: I don’t know. I wish I could give him a peace of my mind, but [redacted]. What a disgraceful thing to do.

Member003: You aren’t alone is disliking this guy, there have been some choice words on CAPTalk and AuxBeacon about him.

Member003: Here [redacted]
Member003: Here [redacted]
Member003: And here [redacted]

Member002: Yeah, [redacted], there’s an idea! Everyone one else is doing it so why not you? You can use AuxBeacon to tell Altieri and CAP just what you think of him and his genocidal taunts to North Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico and Puerto Rico Wings!

Member001: They won’t give us up?

Member002: I’ve asked around, they haven’t outed anyone who wanted to remain anon.

Member001: Why don’t I just send a link to his post?

Member003: Because he might take it down and you and [redacted] just wrote the story for them!

Member002: I think you should take our names out of it completely before sending. I pretty much just told you that I think Altieri is a POS.

Member001: I will.

8 Comments on "CAP BOG Failure Sanctifies Genocidal Columbus"

  1. Forget Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci.

  2. Jayson Altieri was so firmly adamant to “end the story” on Christopher Columbus, but some in his sphere of influence just don’t seem to care to honor his directive.

    One of your authors should “school” Jayson Altieri on the topic of Columbus and Syphilis and the shame of the modern day Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment which ran from 1932 to 1972.

    Peter Buxtun was the US Public Health Service Employee who was the whistle-blower to expose this abuse and it was President Clinton who drew further attention to it with a formal apology in May 1997.

  3. Politely remind Jayson Altieri that in addition to Columbus being a murderous pig of Genoan salami it was Norse explorer Leif Erikson who first set foot on the continent North America half a millennium (thats 500 years to the Army) before Christopher Columbus. Archaeological evidence suggests that the site of L’Anse aux Meadows was a ship repair station.

    No wonder our Civil Air Patrol cadets are not competitive. If you make this your picture of the day, I will tell you a lot more about his eminence.

    [link redacted]

  4. While at the FBO the other day, we were stopped by other pilots at the airport restaurant, and asked about the Smith mess. (Funny, they asked about that, before asking about the Civil Air Patrol, both times.)

    A couple of the guys were Air Traffic Controllers… the other guys were typical GA Pilots. All had read about CAP stories on Aux Beacon.

    “Oh, look we have the fake Air Force, are you going to molest us?”… was not a nice way to start a conversation right after breakfast.

    So before explaining the details of the CAP, I asked if they knew what it was about. They offered reasons ranging from abuse to pedophiles. Neither recalled anything good about the organization.

    Congress may not give a rat’s ass, but funny thing, public perception is very important.

  5. Please get the CAP Talk story up that we sent you.

  6. It appears that Members 001, 002, and 003 are among those who believe history should be sanitized. While they are entitled to their opinions, it’s disappointing that Aux-B appears to believe the norms of our ancestors (which are NOT those we hold dear today) will be the norms of our descendants (either by blood or migration. History is important. We can celebrate those things our ancestors (directly or otherwise) did that we agree with (like the voyage across the Atlantic which proved the world wasn’t a pancake), while pointing out we don’t agree with child slavery (or any slavery), etc. etc. Must be a very slow day at Aux-B for you to drum up outrage here. Stick to more modern times please… where misbehavior is both relevant and NOT part of the larger culture.

  7. Welcome back, gimoozaabi. We have missed you.

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