CAP Kansas Commander Suspended Over Comments on Republican Lawmaker

By Ian Cummings | The Kansas City Star

[Editor’s Note: We received multiple comments on this news link about this disturbing story out of Kansas City. Thank you for your contribution.]

Overland Park police said Tuesday they are aware that a Kansas Civil Air Patrol commander [of the 77th Composite Squadron] has been identified as the person who sent a threatening message to a Johnson County lawmaker on social media.

Earlier this month Lt Col Jonathan A. Holder, commander of a Civil Air Patrol squadron based in Emporia, posted a Facebook comment saying Rep. Stephanie Clayton, an Overland Park Republican, should “swing from a tree.” The squadron was made up of 10 senior officers and five cadets.

Holder said he made the comment and stood by it, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported on Tuesday. Holder did not immediately respond to messages from The Star seeking comment.

Holder wrote the comment under a Facebook post Clayton shared about a bill she introduced that would permanently exempt Kansas colleges from having to allow concealed handguns on campus.

Holder responded with the comment “This bitch needs to swing from a tree for violating her oath.”

Clayton alerted Capitol Police and the Overland Park Police Department. She could not be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon.

An Overland Park police detective is investigating, according to Officer John Lacy, a spokesman for the department. The detective was already aware of the commenter’s identity and is doing follow-up work on the investigation, Lacy said.

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16 Comments on "CAP Kansas Commander Suspended Over Comments on Republican Lawmaker"

  1. Ha ha, we screwed you libtards at AB and that b1tjh Stephanie Clayton. Our glorious new CAP commander Maj Gen Mark Smith has reinstated “swing from a tree” Jonathan Holder to make sure the congresswomen know who’s the boss in the great state of Kansas.

  2. Avatar Gunflower State | June 13, 2017 at 14:09 | Reply

    With regard to Red Allen’s recent and telling statement.

    The Wichita Eagle ( ) reported that Republican Rep. John Whitmer sent a tweet in response to Republican Rep. Stephanie Clayton. The outspoken opponent of campus carry had tweeted that she was “so scared” because lawmakers were about to take up a gun measure.

    Whitmer responded with, “Nothing to be scared of, there’s at least 25 guns on the floor of the House right now!” Lawmakers ultimately approved a bill to keep concealed guns OUT of public hospitals and mental health centers.

    It was Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley that said Whitmer’s tweet was “disgraceful.”

  3. As Ray already said, there was no threat in his message, just political opinion. I’ve seen far worse uttered by some members of the Congressional Squadron in the course of their political careers yet I don’t see the call for adverse action toward their CAP membership.

    Was this made at a CAP meeting? In CAP uniform? Was he representing CAP? Doesn’t look like it. Otherwise a exercise of his 1st amendment right on his own time and frankly CAP, unless they have some desire to weigh in on the political topic he was talking about, should MYOB.

    • “This bitch needs to swing from a tree for violating her oath.”

      For the record, Holder’s comment was a clear violation of the CAP Core Values of Integrity, Volunteerism, Excellence, and Respect.

      The comment also violates CAPR 1-1’s requirement to Ensure Working Relationships are based on Mutual Respect, Fairness and Openness.

      “Individuals will not take unfair advantage of ANYONE through manipulation, INTIMIDATION…”

      The caliber of volunteer members in Civil Air Patrol has sunk to a recent low of boorish racketeers and gangsters working threats and other methods of intimidation to conceal their shady dealings.

      No-one credible is defending Holder and that is why he resigned from the position.

      • Holder did NOT resign from the CAP. He resigned his command from his unit. NHQ has NOT done anything, nor will they terminate him. Good ole boys are protected.

  4. Different spanks for different CAP ranks is absolute poison to morale and unit cohesion. Penetration is on the rise.

  5. Holder wasn’t in the mood for a rational conversation about gun control when he took to Facebook. Instead of exhibiting the values of self-restraint and moral leadership that are expected of the cadets he mentors, here’s what he wrote: “This (expletive) needs to swing from a tree for violating her oath.”

    What’s worse, he refused to apologize when he was rebuked for making such a disgusting, menacing remark (thereby continuing to abdicate his responsibility to set an example for his young cadets): “I stand by what I said and frankly don’t care who doesn’t like it.”

    Although the Civil Air Patrol made the right decision when it suspended Holder (“pending further investigation”), this squalid episode is a harsh reminder to Kansas parents: Pay attention to the values and actions of the people who are charged with teaching your children.

  6. Avatar Vatcher Tribute | February 13, 2017 at 22:14 | Reply

    I was in TNWG Civil Air Patrol when this accident went down. You may want to add it to your blog if you don’t already have it. I personally hold low Civil Air Patrol standards for the loss of Fred Vatcher.

    “CAP Pilot Gerald McLinn, 47, of Knoxville, was to determine whether the men passed the certification process. Each of the men had more than a thousand hours of flight experience.

    The NTSB report, which was posted recently on the board’s Web site, determined that the probable causes of the crash are:

    “the pilot’s failure to follow procedures pertaining to mountain flying, and the pilot’s failure to maintain airspeed that resulted in an inadvertent stall and subsequent in-flight collision with trees and terrain. A factor was the certified flight instructor’s inadequate supervision of the training flight.”

  7. Contributors to the CAP controlled CAPTalk forum are suggesting that your News Aggregation site is “mostly made-up stories or extremely slanted interpretations of events, run by (surprise, surprise) a former CAP member with an axe to grind.”

    However, this story is taken from The Kansas Star.

    • The Kansas City Star has about as much credibility as your supermarket tabloid and is commonly referred to as the “Red Star” for it’s left leaning reporting and lack of objectivity.

      This isn’t Clayton’s first time making false accusations for political gain, including one incident she manufactured last week against one of her own fellow representatives.

  8. One of Lt Col Holder’s roles was to provide training, mentoring and supervision to Civil Air Patrol cadets in a program that emphasizes, among other things, leadership and communication.

    It is a harsh reminder to cadet parents: We must pay attention to the values and actions of the CAP leaders who are charged with teaching our children. It was a disgusting, menacing remark. It’s long past time to discuss these issues without threatening and insulting one another. We have to figure out a way to discuss combustible issues like gun control in a civil, productive way.

  9. I have to speak up on this one… I don’t know if the commander is a complete waste of life, or the next coming of Christ (or whoever you want) but the statement in quotes is NOT a threat.

    “This bitch needs to swing from a tree for violating her oath.”

    There is NOTHING, not one single word of intent, this is an opinion… and if it was me who said it, I would stand behind it too… NOTHING in this is a threat – and, case law is very clear on this… this statement is not politically correcting in today’s world, but it is nothing even remotely close to a physical threat.

  10. Avatar Rocky Mountain Wilted Flower Girl | February 2, 2017 at 17:35 | Reply

    LMAO over this. a lt colonel even. so the staff colleges and the command interviews and the finger print and the wing commander oversight didn’t catch his attitude issues? let us see what spin our ego centric “leaders” will put on this one. tooooooooo funnnnnny! line up at the spin booth for this one and let us recruit more members.

  11. Many of us posted comments on the source article in the online version of the Kansas City Star. We directed their readers to AuxBeacon because of the work you are doing “aggregating CAP” for Congress and Federal Law Enforcement.

    Soon after we did this, your site became inaccessible. You may want to check your logs to see if you suffered a Distributed Denial of Service attack between 3:00PM and 6:00PM and then probe the attacking IP address.

  12. Why would there need to be a week-long investigation over this obvious infraction?

    The Civil Air Patrol announced today, that Holder resigned “his command”.

    Why didn’t the organization TERMINATE him from the program?

    Could Jonathan A. Holder be a part of an inner CAP circle that has incriminating evidence on higher ups in the program? I know for a fact he is and that he does.

  13. The Civil Air Patrol has a unique internal structure that protects offenders… look up Scott Higgins on the Auxiliary Beacon. He is still in charge of Cadets for the State.

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