CAP Member Makes #MeToo Request

Civil Air Patrol

By AuxBeacon News Staff

AuxBeacon has received descriptions of sexual assault and harassment by a Civil Air Patrol Member with the initials MC. At the request of our editors, we are keeping the details private, but asking for others to contact us privately with any similar experiences so that the extent of the behavior can be determined.

2 Comments on "CAP Member Makes #MeToo Request"

  1. Did you ever get any reports on this or was it an attempt to lead you into a trap?

  2. They can ignore regulations and cover up misdeeds — and have a USAF general officer protect their “corporate” powers. One of the favorite tactics of the CAP is to terminate the membership of anyone that the people in power even think will file any type of Inspector General complaint against them. Most sexual misconduct, rapes and sexual harassment in the CAP are never reported to law enforcement. Most of it is covered up to protect the CAP corporation.

    For example, this is a true story, a female cadet member of a CAP squadron in Florida was dating a CAP senior member — and having sexual relations with that CAP officer — although at the time, the female cadet was only 14 years old. Such sexual relations between the two were actually occurring in the CAP’s parking lot in the CAP officer’s car on the base following CAP meetings.

    The incident was reported to Air Force authorities on the base, but nothing was done despite the fact that the situation constitutes a crime on a federal reservation, even under civilian law.

    And, although this incident occurred in a Florida wing unit, it was never reported by anyone to Florida’s child abuse authorities. This adult member is still in the CAP and is actively involved in cadet programs. Would you want your son or daughter to be mentored by this man?

    At what point should the Secretary of the Air Force have legal and/or moral responsibility to ensure the integrity of the “corporate” management?

    Should the Air Force leave its CAP cadets so vulnerable to adult sexual exploitation and abuse?

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