CAP NHQ Employee Begs for Help

Civil Air PatrolCAP National employee cry for help

By AuxBeacon Staff

This cry for help has appeared on the Sky Graffiti website.

I am currently employed at National Headquarters and disgusted with the sexual harassment, abuse of powers, terminating good members without reason, no accountability. I cannot disclose my position or name in fear of retaliation. I can verify that all of your accusations are valid. The corruption has been going on for years. It is a lot worse than what you have described on here. Most of the National staff members and Board of Governors including the current National Commander are guilty of many criminal acts. If someone was brave enough to expose them, they would all get prison time.

Many wonder why none of this criminal behavior is rarely exposed, the fact is that most fear the retaliation and are afraid they might get setup. National parallels organized crime like a mafia. Until you have experienced National first hand, then you will understand what I am talking about. If you want to help the CAP members, more people need to speak out against National until everyone takes notice. National exposure would end the corruption, or it will continue indefinitely. Please speak out & not just on here, if you have been mistreated or you know about a cover-up in CAP, your voices will be heard if more people stand up and unite together.

Name – Mary Doe 07:08:35 05-21-09

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  1. Elise never knew about this.

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