CAP Regs Interfere with Reporting FWA

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[Editor’s Note: We received this from a CAP member. Thank you for your contribution. This is a recurring problem in the CAP since the CAP-USAF provides little to no oversight. The CAP Board of Governors usually has the final say on oversight matters which will protect the CAP corporation. If a CAP member reports FWA, they will likely suffer from reprisal that results in termination while the complaint will be covered up.  We suggest that if you or anyone has a legitimate FWA complaint that is well documented and can be proved, it would be best to refer it to the DoD IG, FBI, IRS, Senate Armed Services Committee, the USAF Inspector General and/or other appropriate local, state or Federal agencies to investigate.  For more options, see link here.]

I have no-one I can turn to on this matter. Please help any way you can. This is only my third year in Civil Air Patrol and I have stumbled into a common practice of misuse of U.S. Air Force money. I cannot be more descriptive, I hope you understand why.

My problem is that CAP regulations and command pressure require us to attempt to address the violations starting at the lowest level of our chain of command. However, that policy lets the offending abusers see you coming and they remove you from your duty position and work setups and slander to discredit you so that no-one will believe what you say. This is according to a friend who is no longer active in the program who directed me to examples of this in the stories you have collected over the years here.

If CAP-USAF IGs and Commanders like Col Gloyd and Col Tyynismaa are corrupt, how do we correct the problem and not get dragged into this ourselves?

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  1. That’s why you collect and forward the evidence without ever giving the lying cheating stealing CrAP chain of command a heads up.

  2. This may help you see who is doing what and why.

    [Link Removed]

  3. I sent you a photo of CAP National Commander Mark Smith. In my opinion, I don’t think the job is agreeing with his health.

    Mark Smith National Commander Civil Air Patrol

    • I think its time that Smith retire to CAP’s Assisted Living facility at Maxwell. 5 months in and he has done nothing significant.

      The BoG has done a dismal job of selecting national commanders the past few years. It is time the membership votes and elects the next national commander.

  4. Avatar Fight For Our Children | November 18, 2016 at 23:37 | Reply

    I found your situation very similar to mine. I am hoping that can steer me to people knowledgeable in the Civil Air Patrol.

    I am a Senior Member of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). After months of trying to resolve issues of abuse and wrong doing in my squadron, I filed a complaint with the State IG and requested protection under the the CAP CAPR123-2. While the investigation ostensibly continues, and after several requests to the IG, I have had to have my children stop attending CAP Cadet functions because of retribution.

    As a a congressionally-chartered, federally supported auxiliary of the United States Air Force, I thought that I could rely on it as a well run organization. What I found was a para-military “Good Ol’ Boy” club designed to exploit the program. Every level seems to be filled with corrupt narcissist officer wannabe’s. It is a mockery of the Air Force and a sham used for the pleasure of a few. It is only a matter of time until there is some heinous accident with loss of life. This program needs to be totally reformed or shut down.

    While by CAP “Regulations” I cannot discuss my on-going complaint, I am concerned that it is not being considered seriously by the state IG. I am hoping readers may be able to steer me in the direction of advice or help with my situation.

    • Avatar Just Plain Joe | February 1, 2018 at 00:55 | Reply

      Unfortunately, high level staff get into their positions by working their way up a ladder of incompetence and corruption, or by buying into those corrupt offices. Going to anyone in CAP about problems in CAP is kinda like having a corrupt cop investigate himself. Good, intelligent people don’t make it that far.

      You either need evidence of a crime and involve the police or consult a lawyer about getting someone from the actual airforce to take a look.I think if enough people complain to the airforce, they will have to intercede eventually

      Unfortunately, you’re right on every count. The IG will likely wait for you to get frustrated and go away so they never have to investigate or act.

      CAP needs to be shut down, and they have gotten people killed. I’m afraid it will probably take a federal congressional investigation to stop the bastards though.

  5. Avatar Anonymous CAPer | November 16, 2016 at 02:24 | Reply

    (1) CAP Inspector General.
    (a) Develops, publishes and oversees the Whistleblower Program.
    (b) Develops IG training materials for CAP members.
    (c) Develops publicity materials and articles to publicize the Whistleblower Program.
    (d) Ensures that complaints of misconduct, fraud, waste and/or abuse against CAP senior level officials receive a thorough complaint analysis and, if IG investigation is warranted, are investigated or transferred to the appropriate investigation level.
    (e) Processes Whistleblower complaints against members of the national staff, region commanders and members of region staffs.
    According to the CAP website, the CAP IG oversees the CAP Whistle Blower Program. With that said and knowing that the IG system is thoroughly corrupt, CAP whistle blowers that report FWA will more than likely be reprised on and eventually terminated.

    If anyone is considering joining the CAP, please find a better organization that truly cares about its members and with a fair, just system in place to handle complaints. Now and in the recent past, I have seen several good friends get dumped on by Vazquez and Carr for reporting FWA. If you voice out, question something wrong by a superior officer, report FWA, go outside for help, contact your Congressman, you will be discredited and forced out. Johnny Dean, Lori Swanson and many other former good members know this quite well.

    Aux Beacon, please check your inbox for the documents I sent you to post on here to prove my point.

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