CAP Spaatz Association Director Murdered by His Male Lover

CAP Brig Gen Paul Bergman, USAF Gen Schwartz and Mr. Brian Campbell at the Spaatz BanquetCAP Brig Gen Paul Bergman, USAF Gen Schwartz and Mr. Brian Campbell at the 2012 Spaatz Banquet

From AuxBeacon News Reader

[Editor’s Note: We received a heads-up to this story from a Civil Air Patrol Member in a recent comment. Brian Campbell was Civil Air Patrol’s Spaatz Association Director and was married with children at the time of his extramarital affair and subsequent murder. His interest in younger male hard bodies could have members asking unwelcome questions.]

Some background info:
In 1998, Brian Campbell was a former Spaatz cadet and a CAP National employee at Maxwell AFB. He was terminated for speaking out in public in the Lori Swanson scandal. In 1999 and again in 2005, Campbell sued the Civil Air Patrol for wrongful termination and he lost both times. Later in 2012, Campbell was miraculously elected as the CAP Spaatz Association Director. He held that position until his extramarital lover murdered him in 2016. In their infinite wisdom, the Spaatz Association has awarded Civil Air Patrol cadets with the Brian Campbell Memorial Academic Scholarship.

Killer Shot Boyfriend in Midtown Condo

A dancer at a gay Atlanta club is accused of shooting his boyfriend twice in the head and killing him as he slept on a couch in the Midtown condo they shared.

Police say William Bradley Morgan, 34, then wrapped the body of [CAP Maj] Brian Campbell in two large black plastic bags, stuffed him in a closet, lit a candle and turned down the thermostat as low as it would go to help conceal the crime. Morgan then stole Campbell’s guns, bank cards, luggage and Land Rover Discovery before fleeing to Alabama.

On Thursday, police said “both men were married to women – Campbell had a wife and children who lived in Delaware; Morgan’s estranged wife was in Alabama – but the two men were in a romantic relationship for more than a year. They shared a 27th floor condo at 1010 Midtown and before that, they lived together in a past residence of Campbell”.

“The relationship, that’s a little complicated because based on some people we spoke with there was a romantic link between the two,” GBI Special Agent David Jones testified during the hearing. At the time of the killing, Jones was an Atlanta police homicide detective who investigated the case.

Campbell met Morgan at a gay Atlanta club when he worked there as a stripper and they knew each other for more than a year, Jones said. Morgan also told his estranged wife and her step-mother that he and Campbell were boyfriends and that Campbell was supporting him financially, Jones said.

Police said Morgan shot Campbell twice in the head as he napped on a couch that he sometimes slept on due to a back injury. Investigators found a large blood stain on the couch that was covered by a pillow.

“Two large trash bags were used to contain Mr. Campbell. He was clad in only his underwear. We also found another large trash bag, which turned out to be Mr. Campbell’s clothing that had been cut up,” Jones said.

Read More from Matt Hennie | Project Q Atlanta

Civil Air Patrol

From the Spaatz Association website…

Brian M. Campbell, #1219, 1973 – 2016

With a heavy heart, The Spaatz Association is saddened to announce the loss of Director Brian M. Campbell, Spaatz #1219. Brian passed away on 1 October 2016 at his apartment in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brian joined the Civil Air Patrol cadet program in 1987, earning Spaatz #1219 in August 1994. He held numerous leadership positions as both a cadet and senior member including Cadet Commander, Encampment Commander, Squadron Commander, Director of Cadet Programs, and Vice Wing Commander before heading to Civil Air Patrol’s National Headquarters as the Cadet Program Developer/Registrar. During Brian’s tenure in Civil Air Patrol, he chartered two new squadrons, led his CAP Squadron to a Unit Citation and Squadron of Merit Award, and grew the Cadet Program in the Delaware Wing by more than 50%.

In 2012, Brian was elected as a Director of The Spaatz Association. He is credited with designing the Association’s Leadership Grant program and serving as its first fundraising Director, soliciting and awarding more than $250,000 in grants to support cadet programs nationwide.

Brian is survived by his wife of 14 years, Kimberly (Gallagher) and his two children, Aidan and Ava.

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14 Comments on "CAP Spaatz Association Director Murdered by His Male Lover"

  1. So I come over here because of Johnny Yuma’s recent CT comment that you are hypocritically attacking LGBTQ people. What I find instead is that you reported the previous Spaatz Association Director’s lawsuits v. CAP, his funding of CAP scholarships to return to good graces and Civil Air Patrol’s cover-up his extramarital affair and murder. The idea that CAP did this to prevent the membership from looking into past connections and possible favoritism is no attack on homosexuals and we see much worse from the CAP membership and their comments elsewhere.

    As you aggregate stories they had hoped were long buried, the remnant attacks are in full force. Look here:

    “One article will be attacking a CAP member for supposedly racist and homophobic social media posts then turn around and make homophobic attacks against a murdered CAP member.”

    So I looked at Trash Talk article, see my tag on it. I could not find anything Julian said that was homophobic or that you ever implied he said anything homophobic.

    We are circling the drain with Core Values in Civil Air Patrol.

  2. Avatar Robbery Ruse | April 16, 2018 at 23:14 | Reply

    The story we heard in North Carolina from MER Commander John Knowles was a ruse as well.

    Col Knowles stated that “Former C/Col. Brian Campbell, a very active member of the Spaatz Association, died during a robbery in Atlanta.”

    Google it.

  3. Avatar Anderson Watch | April 16, 2018 at 00:17 | Reply

    CAP BOGfather Richard Anderson, who was finally blown out of the Virginia House of Delegates last year, can be found on the Spaatz Association website eagerly endorsing Brian Campbell.

    “I cannot speak strongly enough about the energy and devotion that Brian will bring to a seat on the TSA Board. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to make this nomination, and I urge the TSA membership to give Brian the strongest possible consideration. TSA will be well served by his stewardship in a position of leadership and trust.”

    – Brigadier General
    – CAP Chair, Board of Governors

  4. Ol’ Norton, reliable ol’ Norton, working 17 years in the sewer. And now everything’s down the drain!

  5. Avatar MidnightTemptations | April 15, 2018 at 21:38 | Reply

    The comment you all received was wild timing. I sent you some pictures and files to show you that CAP NHQ had Wendy Hamilton change the name of the $2500 scholarship
    FROM Brian M. Campbell Memorial Scholarship
    TO Board of Governors Academic Scholarship
    for CAP’s April 2018 announcement of scholarship winners.

    You might could use this to show Mark Smith’s effectiveness and a CrAP leader.

  6. Avatar Connections | April 15, 2018 at 21:34 | Reply

    Peer-Nomination for Brian M. Campbell, CAP #1219 I enthusiastically and without hesitation nominate Brian M. Campbell of Dover, DE, for election to a term of service as a director on the TSA Board.

    I have known Brian for nearly two decades and was privileged to present him with Spaatz Award number 1219 during my service as CAP National Commander (1993-1996). Since then, Brian has risen through the CAP ranks, serving as a CAP squadron commander, member of the Delaware Wing Headquarters staff, and a full-time professionally employed staff member in the Cadet Programs Directorate at CAP National Headquarters at Maxwell AFB AL. While at HQ CAP, Brian conceived, crafted, and executed numerous initiatives that benefitted the CAP cadet program and which remain in use across the country a dozen years later.

    Today, Brian is a devoted husband, father, and successful businessman in Delaware. He daily demonstrates and models the qualities of leadership, service, and excellence that are epitomized by the CAP cadet program and the General Carl A. Spaatz Award. Most recently, Brian endowed a TSA Aviation Leadership Scholarship in the name of CAP Brig Gen Paul M. Bergman, CAP National Commander from 1996 to 1998. This ALS was presented just last month at TSA’s 2012 Mid-Winter Meeting and Awards Dinner in Washington DC.

    I cannot speak strongly enough about the energy and devotion that Brian will bring to a seat on the TSA Board. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to make this nomination, and I urge the TSA membership to give Brian the strongest possible consideration. TSA will be well served by his stewardship in a position of leadership and trust.

    RICHARD L. ANDERSON #193 Brigadier General, CAP Chair, Board of Governors

  7. Avatar NortonLooksDrunk | April 15, 2018 at 12:38 | Reply

    That photo from CAPland makes US Air Force 4-Star General Norton A. Schwartz look like a drunken poof being erected by at least one Civil Air Patrol closet homosexual. How stupid are your leaders to associate?

  8. Blech, with the garbage bags [redacted]. I never joined Civil Air Patrol because of the weirdness and embarrassment to our country. Last year a cadet from my hometown, Evan Thomsen, was awarded the $2500 Brian M. Campbell Memorial Scholarship. Too many people in the program seem totally clueless about the abuses that take place. South Park should do an episode on Civil Air Patrol similar to “Cartman joins NAMBLA.”

    I know Bastian too, so that should convince you this is the truth.

  9. Spaatzen Sugar Daddy Campbell

  10. That’s not the story the Spaatz people told me in how he died. They said that he died peacefully in his sleep from a long term illness with his family by his side. They are damn liars. I want no part of them again. They are sick!

  11. Avatar DownersGrove | April 13, 2018 at 01:39 | Reply

    UGH. Thank you for exposing this to the light of day. Civil Air Patrol is more corrupt and yet better protected than Catholic and Mormon church leaders.

    • The Civil Air Patrol is protected by our inept Congress and our scandalous Air Force. Votes and warm bodies thru Lackland is what keeps the funds flowing in the CAP. If tax payers had a say, the CAP would quickly become extinct.

  12. If you have money, you can bang the headboards at the CAP conferences and not be 2B terminated for moral turpitude.

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