CAP-USAF Commander Forced Out

Civil Air PatrolCol George H. Ross III

By Paul Gloyd | CAP-USAF Headquarters

In an email message sent yesterday by Col Paul D. Gloyd, II, USAF, to members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP)’s National Board, a copy of which was obtained exclusively by NOTF, the colonel wrote: “It is with regret that I inform you that Col George H. Ross III is no longer with the CAP-USAF team. I will fulfill the duties of interim CAP-USAF commander until such time as another commander is appointed. Please rest assured that CAP-USAF will continue to provide you our unwavering support.” No reason was given for the departure of the CAP-USAF commander.

Col George H. Ross III retired from the USAF in September 2012.

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  1. Col. Mark A. “Woot” Wootan is now officially the 31st commander of Civil Air Patrol-U.S. Air Force (CAP-USAF).

    In a ceremony in the main hangar at Maxwell AFB, Wootan assumed command from Col. Michael D. Tyynismaa, who has led CAP-USAF since August 2014 and is retiring from active duty.

    As bad as Col T was, Wootan is a downgrade.

  2. Regularly, CAP-USAF people can be seen rolling their eyes or making side comments regarding leadership issues, poorly executed operations, and lack of operational effectiveness.

    1) Why doesn’t CAP-USAF step in and fix problems which are obvious to even the newest members?

    2) Why doesn’t CAP-USAF direct CAP to remove leaders in the organization who are either woefully unqualified, or who’s focus is so far off the beam that they are irrelevant?

    3) Why isn’t there more pressure to move NHQ’s initiatives from trivial administrative issues to more focused, national, regional, and wing-level strategic planning.

    4) Why are we still the “Best kept secret in the Federal Government?”

  3. Avatar ¬Paul D Gloyd II | October 1, 2017 at 18:05 | Reply

    As truth slowly begins to ooze out of Civil Air Patrol National HQ at Maxwell AFB, stories will be tagged for investigators. Paul D. Gloyd II buried multiple complaints that have since been delivered to AuxBeacon and hopefully distributed through its international network.

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