Skip Munger

A Salute to Skip Munger

By AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: With a now unanimous vote of approval from all AuxBeacon editors and staff across the continent, we would like…

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Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol Featured in American Made

Aggregated by AuxBeacon News [Update Oct 22: A reader writes to remind us that JFK assassination documents will be released this Thursday.] [Editor’s Note: Some…

Barry Seal, CAP Louisiana Wing

“American Made” CAPs Off This Friday

Aggregated by AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: At the request of our readers, AuxBeacon is providing some information about this movie and deceased Civil Air…

Civil Air Patrol

Missouri Wing Chatter

By AuxBeacon News Staff Missouri Wing, we appreciate your advisory contributions, but in order to go to press with your material, we would need more…

CAP Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, CAP Maj Gen Charles Carr

Who Remains in CAP Today (Mostly)

by Ray Hayden | CAP Insights The Civil Air Patrol is continuously losing people… when you lose all of the quality people, you have few…

Rhode Island Wing Chatter

By AuxBeacon News Staff We hear the chatter and see all the flapping, but need more evidence before we could relay what you have told…

Civil Air Patrol Leaves Greensburg

By AuxBeacon News Staff James Howell, Jr of the Greensburg Daily News reports that Civil Air Patrol has left Greensburg Airport in Decatur County, Indiana….