Rhode Island Wing Chatter

By AuxBeacon News Staff We hear the chatter and see all the flapping, but need more evidence before we could relay what you have told…

Civil Air Patrol Leaves Greensburg

By AuxBeacon News Staff James Howell, Jr of the Greensburg Daily News reports that Civil Air Patrol has left Greensburg Airport in Decatur County, Indiana….

The Aux Sentinel

New CAP Over-Site on the Block!

By AuxBeacon News Staff We see that uncorrected abuses in Civil Air Patrol have spawned yet another CAP Ombudsman website to support the struggling membership….

Idaho Wing, State Flag

Idaho Wing Chatter

By AuxBeacon News Staff We appreciate your advisory contributions but in order to go to press with your material, we would need more evidence. Please…

Gen Billy Mitchell

AuxBeacon Installs Quote Rotator

By AuxBeacon News Staff Following the Navy’s Shenandoah disaster and the loss of three seaplanes en-route to Hawaii, Gen Billy Mitchell issued the following statement:…

Civil Air Patrol

Milestone! 40 Find Contributions

By AuxBeacon News Staff As of April 20th, Parents and CAP community members from Virginia to Arizona and Illinois and out to Alaska have provided…

AuxNewsNow skewers Civil Air Patrol Cadet Grades

AuxNewsNow Mocks Spaatz Association

[Editor’s Note: The talented satirist(s) over at AuxNewsNow have run a story chiding Civil Air Patrol decision makers at 105 S. Hansell Street with the…

Civil Air Patrol

Milestone! 30 Find Contributions

By AuxBeacon News Staff As of March 25th, Parents and CAP community members from Pennsylvania down through Georgia and Florida and out to Hawaii have…


Aux News Now Makes Its Debut

On 24 July 2015, AuxNewsNow website made its debut. The site is a satire of the current state of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

Spaatz Cadet Suicides

CAP Awards June 2014

by AuxBeacon News Aggregator The following Civil Air Patrol member awards were publicly announced for June of 2014. Gen. Carl A. Spaatz Award Benjamin Shea,…