Civil Air Patrol Abuse

Civil Air Patrol abuse is often hidden from the public and membership.Civil Air Patrol abuse continues after FBI raid of 1999

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[Editor’s Note: “The evidence will have to be collected and presented all in one place for the Civil Air Patrol membership to fully appreciate just how horribly they have been deceived and abused. I don’t know where I’ll be then, [redacted], but I’ll know about it – and I’ll be happy.”]

CAP-USAF IG Reported Civil Air Patrol Abuses
College Station’s TexGadget takes a look at the testimony of US Air Force Lt Col Allan T. Stein from his autobiography Into the Wild Blue Yonder. He uses current photographs and stories to show that abuses and corruption in Civil Air Patrol have continued since the 1960s and the FBI raid of 1999.

CAP National Commander Reinstates Kansas Officer After Hanging Post
The Hays Daily News reported that Civil Air Patrol’s Jonathan Holder, the former Kansas commander of the 77th Composite Squadron – Emporia, KS, has been cleared to reenlist in the organization even though he said Republican Kansas state Rep. Stephanie Clayton deserved to be executed by “swing[ing] from a tree” for sponsoring a gun control bill.

CAP Kansas Commander Suspended Over Comments on Republican Lawmaker
According to representatives of Civil Air Patrol, Kansas state Rep. Stephanie Clayton is a “bitch [who should] swing from a tree.”

Total Farce Partnership Suppresses IG Complaints
Evidence of one of the many Inspector General Complaints that were intentionally covered up by Gen Carr to help get the Total Force Partnership with the United States Air Force. Gen Carr was used to give a false impression that the corruption reported by Lt Col Allan T. Stein had been cleaned up.

CAP Regs Interfere with Reporting Fraud, Waste, Abuse

IG Complaint Ignored by Rhode Island Wing & NER

North Carolina Officer Charged with Sex Crimes at Cadet Encampment
Learn how to play “the nervous game” with a Civil Air Patrol pilot and photographer.

Georgia Wing HQ Abuses, Lies & Covers Up
After a sustained finding of abusing and deceiving an incorruptible FAA flight instructor, Richard Greenwood explains that Joe Knight will be taking some “much deserved time off from Civil Air Patrol” to hide his suspension from the membership.

Back-Stabbing Route to CAP National Historian
Verified evidence is presented that CAP National Historian Frank Blazich used the very person who introduced him to Civil Air Patrol to cover up infractions by the CAP Historical Foundation and the personal appropriation of donated artifacts and to back-stab his way into the position.

Cadets & Adults Groomed by Predators
The author observes that “grooming” typically evokes an image of a person not yet of age, a minor, who will be sexually exploited. However, this exact same process takes place in Civil Air Patrol with older officers and young officers, older pilots and younger pilots. The phrase, “he’s being groomed for command” hints that many high ranking CAPsters have been groomed to compromise their integrity, and that many are blackmailing each other.

Shadow Command Forces Out Johnny Dean
Verified evidence is presented of the stress endured by CAP Col Tonya Boylan and the honorable Johnny Dean after the club of CAP pilots, including Al Bedgood and Brett Slagle, were made aware of a ruling against the notion of a shadow, mafia-like “operations chain of command” operating in Civil Air Patrol to intimidate flight instructors from reporting FAA and safety violations to their commanders.

CAP Pilots Slam Rhode Island Wing Commander

Florida Wing Officers in the Porn Business
Skip Munger at News of the Force does an excellent series on the commander and officers in Florida Wing Civil Air Patrol Cadet Programs and Drug Demand Reduction who don’t seem to understand the Moral Turpitude clauses in CAP regulations.

Civil Air Patrol commander got ‘weird,’ girl testifies
James Vessella, who was Mercer County Composite Squadron 122 commander until his December suspension got weird when he started talking about her boyfriend, a subject she had not brought up with him, she said. Vessella told the girl her boyfriend was cheating on her and she should dump him, she said. Vessella also told her that the boy had given her an infection, she said. Vessella said he had pills for her to treat the infection, but she had to come to his home to take them, she said. He also said he had a wash she was to use on her vagina, and that he would need to examine her.

Fraud, Waste & Abuse at National CAP Headquarters
“It’s very frustrating,” said Col Greg Florey, an Air Force Inspector General assigned to Maxwell Air Base, home of CAP’s national headquarters. “People make complaints and the Air Force is kind of powerless to go in and make any changes.”

Michigan Wing Officer Convicted of Child Sex Offense (July 29, 2010)
He spent 25 years in service to our country yet he chooses to show up to rape a child. I find that very sad. He also volunteered for the Civil Air Patrol. I worry that he had access to children attend the CAP program. I pray he did not.

Wisconsin Commander Pleads Guilty to Possessing Child Porn
The case against a former Civil Air Patrol Commander began when he was found in a car in Caledonia with a 16-year-old girl. The young girl’s concerned neighbor called law enforcement, but before police could arrive, Michael A. Curry, 55 contacted law enforcement and told them not to worry because he is the girl’s father.
Police came to the scene anyway and eventually learned Curry wasn’t the father of the girl, who was a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. Curry resigned from the Civil Air Patrol as a lieutenant colonel and commander of the squadron in Racine. He had more than a 40-year association with the group, according to the patrol’s website.

Myrtle Beach Civil Air Patrol Commander Arrested and Removed
The commander of the Myrtle Beach Civil Air Patrol was arrested October 12 2011 for confiscating a laser pointer being misused by a 12-year-old boy. Stephen Teachout was riding his scooter when he saw the boy pointing a green laser at a passing motorcycle, moped and Teachout’s scooter. Teachout went into the boy’s yard, grabbed his arm, took the pointer, then drove away on his scooter. Teachout was charged with third-degree assault and petty larceny. The boy was also given a juvenile summons for public disorderly conduct. In retaliation, Teachout said the three-pilot Civil Air Patrol would not provide help to Horry County (where Mytle Beach is located) for certain calls including offshore missing persons and forest fires. According to the Sun News, Teachout said “I support Horry County but if they don’t have [the pilots’] backs then no thanks. We don’t need to be here.”

Colorado Cadet Officer Convicted of Sexual Abuse
Mitchell T. Bain was a Lieutenant with the Civil Air Patrol in Longmont when he was arrested in March 2009 after two cadets under his authority reported that he had sexually assaulted them in his Longmont apartment. Bain used his Civil Air Patrol authority over the girls, who were then 13 and 15, to force them to comply with sexual demands. He was 18 at the time.

Georgia Wing Officer Convicted of Child Molestation
According to police, Lombardi, using the screen name “ArmyOffi,” offered to get the youth drunk and discussed undressing and committing sexual acts with the boy over the computer. He met the boy through his involvement in the Civil Air Patrol, a volunteer organization of pilots and youths separate from the guard who look for downed aircraft and help in the search for lost children

Pennsylvania Unit Commander Molested 4 Boys
Several hours after Edward Joseph Leidy admitted that he molested four preteen boys throughout his career as a Civil Air Patrol captain and Boy Scout leader, a Bucks County jury convicted him yesterday of raping the only former cadet to press charges.

Embezzlement & Abuse in Kentucky Wing
Violations of CAP regulations are “evident and point to the fraud, waste, and abuse of federal funds,” Civil Air Patrol Inspector General Nicholas Knutz wrote in an internal report to CAP’s national commander, Gen James Bobick, of Aurora, CO. “All of the appearance seems to point to basically two individuals: Col Denzil Allen and Maj James Beck.”

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