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[Editor’s Note: Comments and private contacts arriving over the past 24 hours have provided clarity on the “transparent” employer reviews appearing at and other places. Thank you for helping us!]

It was unlikely that so many FULL-TIME paid employees would be deciding to make comments on sequential dates in October immediately after Civil Air Patrol’s “alleged” sex scandal exposure on CAP Insights and on News of the Force.

So, our readers looked into to find that it is owned by MarkMonitor Inc, a firm that “develops and markets brand protection software and services”. MarkMonitor is rated C+ and is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau because they have not responded to a customer complaint.

Paid organizations and/or volunteer members appear more than willing to compromise their integrity to work an amateur media blitz for the organization’s abusive volunteer leaders in exchange for payment or in exchange for free flying, training in survival and land navigation, letters of recommendation, etc.

Civil Air Patrol members are frustrated to find that a portion of CAP Member Dues money may now be going to this firm to “manage” the public perception of the Civil Air Patrol brand. They have also recently spoken out against member info being leaked to CAP authorized third parties despite members checking the “keep my information private” checkbox in the CAP online member management system known as eServices

The use of these fake reviews is clearly a violation of Air Force and Civil Air Patrol Core Values: Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect as the ethical framework for CAP’s service to America.

Civil Air Patrol

Anonymous Civil Air Patrol “medic” gives volunteer organization 5 stars.

Civil Air Patrol

Fake Civil Air Patrol Entry on October 13th at

Civil Air Patrol

Fake Civil Air Patrol entry at on October 11th

Civil Air Patrol

Fake Civil Air Patrol entry at on October 10th

Civil Air Patrol

Fake Civil Air Patrol entry at on October 6th

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  1. I think this story needs to be updated and enhanced.

    To keep Civil Air Patrol cadets and parents in the dark on all the abuses in the program so that their dues money keeps flowing in, CAP’s hired guns of brand management and attorneys apply pressure to newspapers to remove older stories from their websites. I can give you an example from my home town.

    The Baker family of Eugene, OR owned The Eugene Register-Guard daily newspaper from 1930 to 2018.

    On November 29, 2012 two women that I respect, Carol Van Houten and Shelley Corteville, wrote a Guest Viewpoint piece in the Register Guard titled “Military culture allows sexual assault to flourish”.

    They wrote:

    “Victims who report generally experience two traumas: the initial sexual assault, and then the assault by the command system punishing the reporting victim. All the incentives in such a command structure favor stopping the reporting, not stopping the assaults. Perpetrators get a clear message that they can get away, even get rewarded for, rape and assault.

    The perpetrators eventually return to civilian society, where many continue raping and assaulting. The Register-Guard has reported on two recent instances of sexual offenses against local girls. An Air Force veteran assaulted girls in a Civil Air Patrol program, and an Army recruiter had sex in the Gateway recruiting office with a 17-year-old girl.”

    Four to six years later, you could find external references to this article that is not-so-favorable to Civil Air Patrol, but the Register-Guard newspaper had removed it. AuxBeacon has the full 2012 story from another source which shows that Sierakowski was an Air Force veteran in addition to being the commander of Civil Air Patrol’s Oakridge Squadron less that an hour down state route 58.

    What we want to tell your readers is that this story and others about Civil Air Patrol misconduct are not easy to find because the organization is working hard to bury them.

  2. I never realized just how much abuse and incompetence Civil Air Patrol has concealed or that they hurt and defamed so many that an effort like this could be supported by informants.

  3. Check your email or glassdoor. CAPidiots have added another fake review today. They incorrectly spelled the word Aircraft as Air Craft as in “Air Craft Mechanic.” Comical.

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