Civil Air Patrol Captain Raped 9 Year Old Boy

Captain David Greenberg, Civil Air PatrolFormer Civil Air Patrol Captain David Greenberg

By Andrew Smith | Newsday

[Editor’s Note: Tip of the service cap to Skip Munger of News of the Force for alerting AuxBeacon to this development.

The case originated on Sunday, 3 July 2016, when the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office received a report. The parents of two CAP cadets contacted law enforcement about sexual exploitation of and indecent liberties with a minor. The two 14-year-old cadets were participating at a Civil Air Patrol Cadet Encampment in Charlotte where CAP Capt Greenberg was a staff member. Greenberg said he was involved in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program and mentored children there before becoming a counselor at Camp Kenwal for several years.]

Some Civil Air Patrol background information on CAP Captain David J. Greenberg. He started with the Suffolk Cadet Squadron 10 in Holbrook of New York Wing in May 2012. He was the Cadet Programs Officer. He also served on the New York Wing Cadet Encampment Staff in 2013 as the Golf Flight Training Officer for Cadets. From May 2015 to September 2016, he was the Finance Officer of the 111th Search & Rescue Composite Squadron in Charlotte of North Carolina Wing.

Ex-Counselor at Melville Camp Admits Sexually Abusing Boy

A former counselor at a Melville day camp admitted in court Thursday that he tied up a then-9-year-old boy to a bed and sexually abused him while another counselor video-recorded it.

David Greenberg, 37, now of North Carolina, but formerly of Suffolk County, pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal sexual act and possessing a sexual performance by a child. He will be sentenced in October to 25 years in prison.

“I know you don’t want to look,” the mother said. “He’s better than you. You tried to destroy an innocent child, but he’s better than you.”

Assistant District Attorney John Cortes said that what the two men did to the boy, who was not a camper, and others who were campers, was “shocking. It’s horrific.”

CAP Capt David Greenberg at a meeting of the 111th Search & Rescue Composite Squadron in Charlotte, North Carolina in November 2015

CAP Capt David Greenberg at a meeting of the 111th Search & Rescue Composite Squadron in Charlotte, North Carolina in November 2015.

Greenberg is already serving 25 to 35 years in North Carolina, where he had pornography of the boy and committed sex and child pornography crimes involving others as well, Cortes said.

During questioning by Cortes, Greenberg said he was involved in the Civil Air Patrol child cadet program and mentored children there before becoming a counselor at Camp Kenwal for several years.

At the camp, he said he took sexually explicit photographs of the boys and kept the pictures on a computer.

He also admitted having sex with Meyn while watching a video of underage boys engaged in sexual activity. Greenberg initially balked at admitting that until Cortes said he would “prefer not to have to play the video” they used in open court, but would if he had to.

Another time, Greenberg said he and Meyn gave underage boys alcohol in a vehicle, and then recorded them exposing themselves.

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14 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol Captain Raped 9 Year Old Boy"

  1. Avatar abtHarmonyAllen | May 15, 2019 at 13:09 | Reply

    Would you please cover the story of Harmony Allen? It is current news, well yesterday’s.

  2. Avatar ABEvalTour | July 27, 2018 at 02:32 | Reply

    GAG. This story on a Civil Air Patrol member pedophile is TRUE and straight from Newsday and the Charlotte Observer and other real news in the state of North Carolina.

  3. Why are you not releasing the current Civil Air Patrol statutory rape story?!? Are you friends with this 21 year old?

  4. I am so so sorry, you guys are right about Civil Air Patrol. There is yet another CAP Paedophile story in the news today. Rob Beaumont. You were right, CAP culture is creepy with all the “grooming” that can secretly happen under threats of outing and reprisal.

  5. Avatar AnointedCharlie | October 2, 2017 at 21:52 | Reply

    “Who on earth got your panties in such a wad that this website is your response to CAP? — snip — I’m going to assume that you are a liar when you say you care about the truth, and assume this website is as fraudulent — snip — My name is — snip—-”

    [Editor’s Note: We received the full version of this aggressive and insincere “question” through our contact form a day or two ago. We’ve received a few others similar to it, but this was the worst and suggests a human under the control of another person. We do not allow underage people to expose themselves, by name, to long term judgment or reprisal on the internet, especially given that they cannot comprehend what is going on inside Civil Air Patrol or the number of people who have been harmed attempting to stem the abuse.

    Rephrasing the cadet’s opening question to a more sincere “Why are you doing this?”

    We suggest that this cadet look through all the pedophile, accident, crash, fraud, threat, suicide and cover-up stories that have been sourced across time to FAA, NTSB, District and Supreme Court Rulings and were then reprinted by media outlets for AuxBeacon to assemble here so that Congress can take action.]

    • Teenage cadets who want to understand just how bad things are in Civil Air Patrol need to read about how long it took for the complaints against pedophile priests in the Catholic Cult to get the attention of the public and law enforcement. The slap on the wrist punishments and the coverups, over decades if not centuries, encouraged repeat offenders.

      Only through repeated leaks and cries for help did it gradually become clear with outings in ’85, ’90s and the Boston Globe story in 2002 that this was really going down and that it was being covered-up.

      Finally, the John Jay report was commissioned and found in February of 2004 that some 11,000 allegations had been made against 4,392 priests in the United States alone.

      When many in the US started speaking out, this encouraged other victims around the world to come forward.

  6. I can tell you what questions are on the Spaatz Exam and write essays for you. Contact me at [redacted].

  7. The Kool Aid peddlers over at CAPTalk are initiating the Jedi mind tricks to justify silencing or discrediting those members who have been working to expose commander abuse, taxpayer waste, accidents and lack of accountability in Civil Air Patrol.

    Lt Col Darin Ninness suggested in a new thread “What CAP-Talk Was, And What Its Become” (sic) that members are saying:

    “yeah, don’t bother going to CAPTalk. Its a bunch of malcontents who just want to argue and complain” or “If you post there, some guy from Illinois will just shout you down” (seriously, someone said that..) forced me to evaluate what CAPTalk has become, prompting my discussion with Mike.”

    While that may NOT be true in any significant numbers, members ARE sharing evidence that we have incompetent, sadistic and abusive commanders, pedophiles and sloppy unsafe pilots. The recent suicides in the program have disturbed new members.

    At a time when all this Civil Air Patrol sickness has finally been brought to public and congressional light, Ninness would like to use new, ignorant members to push it all back down into the grave with Wheless, Glasgow, Boylan, not to mention Ferrie and Barry Seal.

    He wrote:

    “The forum might benefit from the ability to ‘gild’ comments and/or commenters. Newbies will see immediately who the smart people you should be paying attention to are, and who the rabble rousers are, and what kind of discussion tone is well regarded and what kind is not preferred.”


    “I’m thinking to myself ‘If you hate CAP that much, why the hell are you still here?’ The vitrol needs to be moderated, because its poisoning the well.”

    • If that cotton-headed Ninness-muggins of a National Recruiting Manager attempts to discourage a member from sharing news about CAP accidents, either in aircraft or in someone’s pants, then we will simply bring it to NOTF or AuxB which already have much more web traffic.

      I predict all the exposure will lead them to shut down CrAPTalk.

  8. Ray Hayden has updated his blog with true statements on drones vs CrAP pilots.

  9. This story and the one on trash-talk indoctrination helps draw the attention of an oblivious Civil Air Patrol Senior Membership to just how bad the objectification and sexual grooming problems are across the program.

    Even while CAP leaders at the San Antonio Conference blather on how this has ended, I swear to you that this is not true. Many know of CAP cadets or young female officers who do not want to lose opportunities through psych evals or defamation and are enduring or not reporting what has happened to them so that they can eventually move on. Some are riding on their commanders abuse to get where they will go.

    Please post my comment so that when the news eventually does come out there will be some proof that this concern was valid and that the leaders at the San Antonio Conference lied to the members while doling out awards and praise.

  10. Unrelated, but just want to share the good news! Capt. David C Cauffield has relieved Capt. Andrew J. Burns as commander of the Augusta Composite Squadron (MER-VA-002) of the Civil Air Patrol.

  11. Impressive! Great job on this story, AuxBeacon!

  12. The systemic pattern of physical and mental abuse in Civil Air Patrol has resulted in lying denials and coverups followed by suicides and convictions but never a public apology from the organization to those exposing the severity of the problem. Civil Air Patrol and its Board of Governors continues to encourage its commanders to conduct reprisals against whistle-blowers who expose this pathetic line of commanders as absolute gutter trash.

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