Civil Air Patrol Commander Convicted of Child Molestation

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal with convicted CAP Member Kris WardCapt Kristian Ward Civil Air Patrol with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

By Joe Johnson | Athens Banner-Herald

[Editor’s Note: We received this story on another Civil Air Patrol pedophile conviction.]

CAP-talk, CAP-news and AuxBeacon readers:

Former Squadron Commander CAP Captain Kristian “Kris” M. Ward of the GA-452 Clarke County Composite Squadron in Georgia Wing was found guilty of child molestation. Prior to his arrest in April 2015, Ward was the Deputy Commander at Barrow Jackson Composite Squadron in Winder, GA. Like the recent CAP Capt David Greenberg molestation case, Ward also had an FBI background check and went through the required CAP cadet protection training, but it did not prevent either from targeting and molesting CAP cadets.

Here are the details.

Former Athens Police Officer Convicted of Child Molestation

A former Athens-Clarke County police officer was found guilty of child molestation Friday night following a weeklong trial in Clarke County Superior Court.

The jury also found Kristin Matthew Ward guilty of enticing a child for indecent purposes and violating his oath as a police officer, but acquitted him of the more serious charge of aggravated sexual battery.

After hearing a week’s worth of testimony, it took jurors seven hours Friday — from 4 to 11 p.m. — to reach their verdict…

CAP Capt Kristin Matthew Ward

Three different juveniles had made allegations against Ward, and Wiltshire said he believed the jury convicted his client on just one count of child molestation because they felt the former officer had been engaged in a pattern of inappropriate behavior with the children…

The alleged victim was said by police to have been a cadet with the Civil Air Patrol unit based at Athens-Ben Epps Airport when Ward was both a police officer and commander of the air patrol unit.

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4 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol Commander Convicted of Child Molestation"

  1. Squat Bubba | April 20, 2018 at 02:12 | Reply

    You guys at AB must expect us to do all the work for you, eh? Civil Air Patrol never shows remorse for what they have done to people and neither did Kris Matthew Ward. You never posted on the sentencing. 55 years to serve 44 in prison.

  2. On CAP’s official Twitter account, more than half of their followers are porn or spam bots. As a mother of a cadet, I am appalled that the CAP headquarters does not regularly monitor and control this. It sends a poor message to the public that large numbers of followers are more important than projecting a good image.

  3. Aspen Gold | April 4, 2018 at 05:49 | Reply

    I hope this doesn’t lead to more death by power point presentations of the cadet protection policy. Forcing us members of more of the do’s and don’ts seems to not be working.

    I think the CAP should eliminate the cadet program and focus its mission entirely on ES. The cadet program is nothing more than adults baby sitting kids. This would quickly eliminate the child molestation problem.

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