Civil Air Patrol Cultivates NTSB Relationship

Civil Air Patrol NTSBCivil Air Patrol seeks close relationship with National Transportation Safety Board

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[Editor’s Note: An AuxBeacon reader has forwarded this item which we have independently validated from a Wisconsin Wing website.  Civil Air Patrol believes that having a “close relationship” with organizations that investigate it, such as the NTSB and FAA, “has served CAP well.”]

To Whom It May Concern:

I have found this document which you may find helpful in making the obvious connection.  See attached.  I know of many members of Civil Air Patrol who work for the FAA and I have observed conflicts of interest.

Civil Air Patrol has cultivated a close relationship with the National Transportation Safety Board in recent years. This partnering, along with a strengthening relationship between CAP, the FAA, and military services has served CAP well.

Those organizations have also benefitted (sic) from their sharing with CAP. Since 2010, the Army National Guard has extended an annual invitation for CAP members to attend the NTSB’s Aircraft Investigation Course, and paid the cost of tuition.

As 2013 is now upon us, CAP is again opening the application process for members to be considered for attendance at the next course offering August 5-16, 2013.

If you are interested in attending this two-week course, earning safety investigation certification from the world’s premier aviation accident investigation board, and applying your new mishap investigation skills for Civil Air Patrol in a variety of high-profile mishap reviews,then please apply as follows:

• Submit a completed CAPF17 with the following information:

o Title of Activity: NTSB Aircraft Accident Investigation Course
o Location of Activity: NTSB Academy, Ashburn, VA
o Dates of Activity: August 5-16, 2013

• Attach both a CAP resume and a professional resume that show an ongoing commitment to CAP, along with aviation and leadership qualities that demonstrate your likelihood of success.

• Submit applications to your wing commander for endorsement and forwarding.

• Finalists are contacted by the National Safety Team which makes the final selection based on follow-on questionnaires and interview results.

Civil Air Patrol takes safety professionalism very seriously. Selectees will represent CAP at the NTSB Academy alongside classmates of various branches of the U.S. Armed Services.

Tuition is fully-paid by the Army National Guard. Food, transportation, and housing (hotel) is the personal responsibility of each student. The application process opens 1 Jan 13 and all applications must be received with proper command endorsements by 31 Mar 13.

Late applications will not be accepted. For more information, contact your Wing or Region Director of Safety

Civil Air Patrol NTSB

Civil Air Patrol Cultivates Contacts with NTSB

4 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol Cultivates NTSB Relationship"

  1. If you can read between the lines, this crash exposes the men behind the curtain. Filthy.

  2. I’ve had it with Mark Smith, he is not correcting the corruption in Civil Air Patrol, IMO he is only making it worse.

    Just in case no-one else has given you the info, two Civil Air Patrol members were killed in a small airplane crash in Indiana on Saturday December 16th.

    Paul F. Schuda was an official of the Civil Air Patrol’s National Capital Wing. He was that wing’s stan/evaluation officer as well as the assistant director of operations.

    AND he is also listed as the director of the training center of the National Transportation Safety Board.

    Louis Cantilena, a CAP Major who was flying the private plane from Kansas City Missouri to an airport in Frederick County Maryland was a member of the CAP’s National Congressional Squadron.

    The tail number was N761YZ and that is a Cessna T210M Registered to N761YZ LLC 13601 Maidstone Lane Potomac, MD 20854.

  3. Disturbing find of backdoor dealings. No wonder so many outlets have popped up over the past 25 years attempting to highlight Civil Air Patrol aviation accidents and other problems.

  4. Avatar CloakingDevice | October 27, 2017 at 19:22 | Reply

    The NTSB sure can be cooperative in removing the CAP identity from their reports and databases. That helps hide incidents and accidents from the media and from the public.

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