Civil Air Patrol Featured in American Made

Civil Air PatrolCivil Air Patrol featured in the original footage of American Made

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[Update Oct 22: A reader writes to remind us that JFK assassination documents will be released this Thursday.]

[Editor’s Note: Some of our readers wanted this photo to be more prominent. Given what y’all have been through, we accommodate.]

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2 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol Featured in American Made"

  1. Hanscom Composite | October 22, 2017 at 08:15 | Reply

    It looks like President Trump will not block release of the remaining classified documents this Thursday 26 OCT.

  2. My friend is really confused and his father is ticked-off. Can anyone explain to a teen cadet why Georgia Wing CAP people would aid Hollywood types in totally exposing the CIA – Civil Air Patrol – Ferrie/Oswald/Seal connection to Laos, Castro/JFK JFK and Iran-Contra?

    Members of the Michigan Militia have told some of us that Civil Air Patrol is completely infiltrated with LGBTQ activists like [names redacted] and commies like [redacted] who are helping to destroy Putin’s puppet so that we can be easily divided into an Amerika like in the movie The Day After.


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