Civil Air Patrol Featured in American Made

Civil Air PatrolCivil Air Patrol featured in the original footage of American Made

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[Update Oct 22: A reader writes to remind us that JFK assassination documents will be released this Thursday.]

[Editor’s Note: Some of our readers wanted this photo to be more prominent. Given what y’all have been through, we accommodate.]

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3 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol Featured in American Made"

  1. You can now read the real story behind Tom Cruise’s movie, “American Made.” In real life, Barry Seal, the man portrayed by Cruise in the movie, had been a member of the Louisiana Army National Guard, the US Army Reserve, and the Civil Air Patrol. See: .

  2. Hanscom Composite | October 22, 2017 at 08:15 | Reply

    It looks like President Trump will not block release of the remaining classified documents this Thursday 26 OCT.

  3. My friend is really confused and his father is ticked-off. Can anyone explain to a teen cadet why Georgia Wing CAP people would aid Hollywood types in totally exposing the CIA – Civil Air Patrol – Ferrie/Oswald/Seal connection to Laos, Castro/JFK JFK and Iran-Contra?

    Members of the Michigan Militia have told some of us that Civil Air Patrol is completely infiltrated with LGBTQ activists like [names redacted] and commies like [redacted] who are helping to destroy Putin’s puppet so that we can be easily divided into an Amerika like in the movie The Day After.


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