Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard Pokes Jon Stokes

Civil Air Patrol Jon Stokes" ♪♫♬ We're so Stokes to be a gangsta in Civil Air Patrol. ♪♫♬ "

[Editor’s Note: Crisply and to the point, a cadet exposes the continued meltdown of one of Civil Air Patrol’s Region Commanders. As always, the image captions are the work of the staff. Thank you for your contribution. We also extend our heartfelt condolences to Jon Stokes for his losses.]


I am a cadet and member of Honor Guard in [redacted] Wing [Pacific Region] Civil Air Patrol. I just finished reading your articles about the dirty attacks on Capt Sullenberger and the recent attempts to wriggle more CAP-biased people into government roles of oversight and funding for their social clubbing. I would like to show Members of Congress and your readers somethings that are going on in [redacted] Civil Air Patrol. I know others have attempted to expose this with the people in Florida and Georgia Wings, but I think that by adding this to your records that you will be able to expose Mark E. Smith as a sneak who is encouraging this behavior but pretending he is unaware until some cadet calls him out on it like was done with Cadet Joe Basrawi.

First, please help me show Congress and your readers the paragraphs from CAPP 52-8 and CAPM 39-1. Please highlight the last sentence of this regulation so that it stands out because Maj Gen Smith and Col Stokes appear to be ignorant.

1.3.7. POLITICAL EVENTS. As outlined in CAPM 39‐1, chapter 1, CAP members are prohibited from participating in political rallies, campaign events, or similar activities that have a partisan nature, while in uniform. However, CAP Honor Guards may participate in non‐partisan events that happen to include political figures who are appearing as part of their official duties (e.g. when the governor is dedicating a new airport). Honor Guard instructors are encouraged to teach cadets the democratic principle of civil control of the military, and

why it is INAPPROPRIATE for the armed services, including CAP as an Air Force Auxiliary, to appear to endorse one political candidate, political cause, or political faction over another.

Second, show the quality of our Pacific Region Commander.

Jon L. Stokes, Col Civil Air Patrol

A bloated Jon L. Stokes is ignorant of regulation details.

Jon L. Stokes: “Can’t make political statements in uniform.”

Third, point out that his Facebook page is loaded with his Civil Air Patrol influence and connections.

CAP Col Jon L. Stokes vomits the bile of his mind on a page of Civil Air Patrol connections & influence.

Eschewing pork and government cheese, at least for the day, Civil Air Patrol dines on other bottom dwellers.

Fourth, show the members that he is a more polished turd than someone like the Kansas guy or Larry Julian.

Civil Air Patrol Pacific Region Commander Jon Stokes

Civil Air Patrol Pacific Region Commander’s commentary can fall pretty low.

Finally, allow the membership to see his words on the day before the midterm election.

Civil Air Patrol voting ritual

Civil Air Patrol Jon L Stokes believes he knows best how lower ranking members and cadets should vote.

Tomorrow we, as a nation, head to the polls in an important election. We will elect members of the Senate, House of Representatives, Governors and vote on many state and local candidates and issues that affect our daily lives. This election is also a referendum on whether the country is going in the right direction under the leadership of President Donald Trump and the Republican controlled Congress.

The last two years have been the most divisive since the Civil War. Why? Plain and simple, the Democrats have been unable to accept that they lost the White House and Congress and that Americans sought a change from the previous eight years of the Obama Administration. Over the past 21 midterm elections, the President’s party has lost an average 30 seats in the House, and an average 4 seats in the Senate and both Clinton and Obama White Houses suffered defeats and lost control of Congress during
their terms. Let’s not allow that to happen this year.

The Adminsitration (sic) is trying hard to live up to the promises made in the 2016 election. Ignore the polls and the pundits and vote to give the President’s policies an opportunity to flourish. The polls were wrong two years ago and we need to prove them wrong and biased once and for all. Don’t let the dirty tricks continually pulled by the opposition sway your resolve. Send a Republican majority back to Congress and let the President continue what he started.

…also, the continued meltdown of those opposed will surely be entertaining.

I don’t know how your editors will rule on this summary and question. If you need to remove it, feel free.

Col Stokes’ words do not seem like quality leadership to us. Rumors have circulated that Jon L. Stokes is a student pilot in name only and that he is really a CPP-certified male escort, of the security variety. Can you or your readers help verify this?

If so, why should Civil Air Patrol cadets listen to anything this man has to say over a leader like Captain Chesley Sullenberger III who expressed the opposite view?

Civil Air Patrol

US Air Force Academy graduate calls Mayday on Donald Trump

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  1. CrAP Col Jon Stokes was pretty bad, but there is worse. Check this out.

    [links redacted]

  2. We learn more each day about the impact of Russian trolls on the 2016 US election and Jon L. Stokes is not the only Civil Air Patrol Pacific Region leader who helped a foreign government achieve a victory against us.

    Our ignorant interim Hawaii Wing Commander, Maj Lisa Myrick, also had much to say in support of Donald Trump and against those who oppose him.

    [links redacted]

  3. Courtesy of the Garden State, here’s a “Caption This” Picture of the Day for you.

    [link redacted]

  4. Stokes, what a dumbass!

  5. I’ve sent you a story about a friend of mine in Civil Air Patrol who very firmly and openly opposes Donald Trump. I think it is important that you release this because it shows that not everyone in Civil Air Patrol has been taken in.

  6. Well SHAZAM!

  7. Avatar Stranger Funt | November 30, 2018 at 06:49 | Reply

    It takes a special kind of stupid to turn your face to any camera in Civil Air Patrol.

  8. Tell the truth, your writers are sexually repressed and jealous that we in CAP can legally enjoy 20somethings in extramarital affairs because we are not under the UCMJ, right?

    • Got a chuckle out of that one. Spot on, and it’s not just 20somethings. Isn’t that what adjoining rooms are for anyway?

  9. I don’t think AuxBeacon is giving former PCR Commander Col Jon L. Stokes or former MIWG Commander Col Curtis J. Boehmer enough credit for what they have achieved this year. The guys your readers are calling “Numbskull” and “Bummer” are true heroes who have publicly taken their HATCHET ACT to hack-up and smash the view that Civil Air Patrol is an element of some legitimate “Total Force.”

    Under the requirements of the 1939 Hatch Act (your editors should do a separate “facts-only” story on all its requirements for the good of the cadets):

    Among other restrictions, a genuine member of the US military may NOT:

    • Use official authority to influence or interfere;

    • Be a candidate for, hold or exercise functions of a civil office;

    • Use contemptuous words against certain civilian leaders (10 U.S.C. 888) — applies to commissioned officers only;

    • Display large signs, banners or posters on private vehicles;

    • Display a partisan political sign, poster, banner, or similar device visible to the public at one’s residence on a military installation, even if that residence is part of a privatized housing development;

    That Boehmer ran for office during his tenure as Civil Air Patrol Michigan Wing Commander and that Jon Stokes feels comfortable stating that

    “Nancy Pelosi is sucking up and selling what’s left of her soul to the devil to be Speaker again.”

    shows how insincere they are about operating to true military standards, or worse, that factions are actively using Civil Air Patrol to get around various US Laws and Federal Regulations. Add this to their constant lobbying in light of their 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Status and the Counter Drug operation, which is a whole other matter for a separate investigation.

    With his bold actions, John L. Stokes seems to have found a clever and patriotic way to increase the Congressional scrutiny on Civil Air Patrol. Bully for him.

  10. Avatar Orange County | November 29, 2018 at 17:03 | Reply

    Stokes is a HUGE hypocrite and a LOUSY region commander. He butters up to Democrats when CAP needs funds, but yet he totally disrespects them on his Facebook Timeline.

    If the average CAP member did the same, he or she would get the infamous 2b, but Stokes will go unscathed since Smith is incapable of doing anything just.

  11. Please welcome Deborah Pearce to AuxBeacon. She is the new Wing Commander for Nevada, approved by Red Skull Stokes himself. Nevada Wing is now much better prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse and Paris Hilton has another thing coming.

    [links redacted]

  12. As a teacher, you get a sales pitch on the Aerospace Education modules, flight training, STEM and Eric Boe. You later find out that the program is loaded (in some areas) with apocalyptic war preppers and closet racists. There was no educating these people who game the system to their advantage and prevent their exposure.

  13. Jon L. Stokes, Col CAP appears to have a love-hate relationship with a woman named Nancy, from his home state.

  14. The people of California are working to nudge Col Jon L. Stokes, CAP out of our state and in to the dust bowl of his choice. Look here. Total humiliation for him.

    [link redacted]

  15. What a dumb-ass thing to do.

    “Why should Civil Air Patrol cadets listen to anything Jon Stokes has to say over a leader like Chesley Sullenberger III who expressed the opposite view?”

    Seems a reasonable question. Jon Stokes should be observed, heard and held up as the epitome of what is still wrong inside Civil Air Patrol. Perhaps a poster of Stokes in the roll of Red Skull against Captain America might do the trick?

    “United we stand. Divided we fall.” Have fun.

    [link redacted, image inserted]

  16. Why is Amy Courter sucking up to and selling what’s left of her soul to this devil to be relevant again?

    • I personally think Gen Courter is nice and much wiser than this commenter is implying. For all we know, it was Gen Courter who patiently laid in wait and had someone else forward the information to AuxBeacon so that this could be reported to Congress. I don’t know that for a fact, but it could be true and if done right, it would be impossible to prove or disprove.

  17. Good find. I’ve been looking at ‘cadet’ Joe Basrawi’s eloquent words in his tweets and social posts since early 2018 when he canvassed for Rick Saccone. It is good to see other cadets, their parents and seniors coming together to help counter. I sent you some key facts earlier this year, I have sent again through your contact form.

    [Admin: An editor will put it up soon.]

  18. Funny. Sullenberger’s editorial was completely ignored in my unit. Nobody said a thing about it. I would not have known about this if not for your readers reporting in.

    • Captain Sullenberger’s call for Americans to vote so as to oppose Donald Trump in massive numbers was never shared by the leadership of my civil air patrol squadron either. You could improve this article by adding the text under the last snapshot.

  19. Stokes wants more members who voted democrat to meltdown?

    • Avatar Censure Stokes | November 29, 2018 at 05:42 | Reply


      You make a good point to show Jon L. Stokes to be living up to his name as a labelled pawn-agogue.

      You could refine your statement to say

      “Civil Air Patrol Commander Jon L. Stokes wants more members who voted democrat to meltdown for his personal amusement.”

      His exact words? “the continued meltdown of those opposed will surely be entertaining.”

      That’s jacked up and based on the redness of his face, I wonder if that Jack was escorted by ice and Coca Cola?

      Influential CAP members like Stokes are dividing and weakening our nation. Stokes should be censured and removed, but Smith is powerless because of the dropping membership.

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