Civil Air Patrol inducts Michael T. McCaul into Congressional Squadron

Civil Air Patrol's Michael McCaul (R-TX)Civil Air Patrol's Michael McCaul (R-TX)

by Delta Drip | AuxBeacon News Contributor

HOUSTON — U.S. Rep. Michael T. McCaul (R-Texas) was officially inducted into Civil Air Patrol’s Congressional Squadron as a lieutenant colonel after his return Oct. 8 from a Texas Wing aerial tour of the Texas-Mexico border and Hurricane Ike recovery efforts on Galveston Island.

McCaul’s framed CAP membership certificate was presented by Lt. Col. Theresa Alexander of the Texas Wing’s Delta Composite Squadron.

The ceremony, originally planned for August but delayed by Tropical Storm Gustav and Hurricane Ike, was held on the ramp outside the Delta Composite Squadron’s Hooks Airport headquarters building in Spring.

During the appearance, the congressman met with local media, renewing his call for increased funding and resources for border security. He also noted CAP’s extraordinary response to the Hurricane Ike damage assessment mission.
“The efforts of the Civil Air Patrol in the wake of Hurricane Ike were unparalleled,” McCaul said.

“The more than 200 volunteers, 22 aircraft, 350 sorties, 40,000 aerial photos and almost 17,000 man-hours were invaluable to the Texas State Operations Center in helping in the deployment of relief efforts to those impacted by the storm.”
He also met with some of the Delta squadron’s cadets, stressing the importance of their activities in the development of America’s next generation of leaders.

The Congressional Squadron was formed in 1967 to allow members of Congress and other key individuals in the Washington, D.C. area to participate in CAP programs. The squadron is an operational search and rescue and disaster relief unit, consisting of members of Congress, their staff, legislative and executive branch officials, and aviation professionals.
The squadron, commanded by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), reports directly to CAP National Headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., and has provided national-level assistance and congressional influence to CAP in a wide range of issues and concerns.


On September 15, 2013 Rep McCaul, who is the chairman of the House Homeland Security Comittee, told FoxNews Sunday he would trust Russia to account for Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile.

Praising the U.S-Russia accord on Syria, McCaul stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is in a unique position, rather than the president, to get this done. He’s now come forward as a leader and he owns this.”

In August 2011 AlterNet reported that McCaul, along with John Culberson and Ted Poe, was attempting to remove the right of deceased soldiers families to choose which prayers, if any, were to be read at a soldier’s funeral.

The accusation was that the three were attempting to impose Christian ceremonies on all military funerals, regardless of whether or not the deceased was Christian and with or without the consent of the family of the deceased. They stated that their demands were a response to Veterans Affairs (VA) banning Christian prayers at military funerals. Bu the VA denied this claim is “blatantly false” as VA respects families’ “rights to pray however they choose at our national cemeteries”.

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