Civil Air Patrol Membership of Convicted Steve Stockman Confirmed by Tip from Former Cadet

Civil Air Patrol Steve StockmanCivil Air Patrol's Steve Stockman had some interesting ideas.

by TBird Hawk | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: This tip came in a few days ago. Thank you for your contribution.]

Here’s another item for your growing collection.

I was a cadet in Texas Wing in the 1990s when Oliver North backed Steve Stockman to represent our 9th Congressional District. After a few failures, he won election in 1994. In 1995, at a ceremony we attended at Jefferson County Airport (now Jack Brooks Regional), Civil Air Patrol inducted him into the Congressional Squadron.

He soon became known as The Fool on the Hill and lost his 1996 election. In 2012, he managed to get elected to represent Texas’ new 36th district.

Long story short, on April 12th 2018, Civil Air Patrol’s Steve Stockman was tried and found guilty of 23 felonies. Just this past November he was sentenced to serve 10 years in prison and ordered to pay $1,014,718.51 in restitution. The question is, when did Civil Air Patrol terminate his membership? ROTFLMAO.

Your team is dead-on-target in exposing Civil Air Patrol corruption of our elected government and the alphabits of aviation oversight. So here’s the proof for this story that I’m sure you will be looking for [links redacted].

Port Arthur News December 25, 1995 Page 3

Port Arthur News December 25, 1995 Page 3

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4 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol Membership of Convicted Steve Stockman Confirmed by Tip from Former Cadet"

  1. I agree with the conclusion that Stockman behaved like a fool and that CAP leadership was desperate in the early years of its “government relations” program.

  2. Stockman is a Civil Air Patrol winner alright.

    “In Texas, conservative policies win over stabbing fellow Republicans in the back.”

  3. Avatar The Prairie State | January 21, 2019 at 01:16 | Reply

    Part 1:

    My membership expires soon and I will most likely not renew it. Our Group had a staff meeting this weekend, of which I “hold” three duty positions, but I was not invited, so I didn’t attend.

    Reflection lately is that I want my 30 years of wasted service back from these jerk offs. Plus, interest on all the money that I was promised reimbursement for, but I never got.

    I am considering writing a paper or short story to be published online and elsewhere online who are not happy with CAP right now, the working title is “30 years of Wasted Service: How to Get Screwed by a Volunteer Organization.”

    Yea, I am pretty bitter right now.

    I guess, I really went off the deep end, when I questioned how a man [Carr] with a criminal record for assaulting a minor could get to be a National Commander…that is when I was relegated to my part of the state and put in isolation, but hey, more safety training will fix this.

    I have been focusing my energy of late into a similar program here in the state. It’s a lot like CAP in that there are a bunch of people who know everything and like to tell you about it, but they don’t wear 50 different uniform combinations and don’t have rank and grade that they never really earned.

  4. Avatar The Prairie State | January 21, 2019 at 01:01 | Reply

    Part 2:

    Currently, there are no Core Values above the unit level in the chain of command. And there are a lot of units that are void of core values as well. To many senior members and senior cadets are using or trying to use CAP as a political advantage for some recognition or advancement of some sort at all levels which leads to backstabbing and distrust and a flat out breaking of the rules and core values.

    There is little that can be done to change things for the positive, short of a Congressional or FBI investigation into the mismanagement at NHQ down to the Wing levels and even then until all the bad apples are gone, nothing will change.

    The best thing would be to go back to the “old days” and have the Air Force run the program again. Even our LO’s don’t have rank or wear uniforms…… we have no real value to the AF anymore.

    I would not bet to hard that I will renew my membership. I have no unit meetings to go to, no real unit to call my own and no reason to spend money to stay in anymore. At the end of the day, I get nothing out of my membership, nothing out of the expense of my membership and nothing out of my involvement. No good feeling, no job well done nothing, but sad feeling of embarrassment from being in uniform, which ever of the 50 uniform combos I would choose to wear and a feeling of contempt and distrust from the disconnected leadership at NHQ.

    We have no real missions, NHQ is doing well to kill the Cadet Program other than the political “Glitz” programs like NCC, which is an elitist program, at least here in my Wing. No AE anymore, no one cares. And no real ES program, aside from the made up HLS mission that is a joke and makes us look like Keystone Cops. Our ES people are a joke to everyone in the professional ES community.

    The cadet program is the only thing that has kept me going the last 7-8 years and it doesn’t exist anymore, or in my opinion the bar has been so lowered that it is a baby sitting service at best.

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