Civil Air Patrol Risk Assessment: Soft Incompetent Underbelly

Civil Air Patrol airplane crashCivil Air Patrol pilot stole plane and suicide crashed into downtown Anchorage building

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Civil Air Patrol Major Stole Military Guns & Ammo from Fort Meade

CAP Pilot Intentionally Crashed Plane into Anchorage Building

Maj Gen Vazquez Belittles the Civil Air Patrol Senior Volunteer

FBI Searching for More Sex Victims in Florida Wing

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  1. Avatar SpayKaydet | May 18, 2018 at 23:15 | Reply

    This was Homestead Air Force Base down in Florida. That’s where Jackie Gleason told his wife that he had been shown dead aliens by President Richard Nixon.

    Florida is fun, sexually speaking.

  2. I’m certain the U.S. Air Force paid little heed to your warning of Civil Air Patrol as a soft underbelly threat to US national security. My concern is that anyone can be buying uniform items from Vanguard and the number of CAP imposters appears to be growing.

    Brian Entin: “…not being in the military. How were you able to sneak on the base?”

    Diomonte Jean: “Civil Air Patrol.”

    The Civil Air Patrol is a volunteer organization. We called them, and they confirmed Jean is “not” a member but said he was allowed to attend a few meetings on base as an escorted guest.

    But a source close to this investigation told 7News that Jean also managed to get on the base un-escorted on more than one occasion.

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