Civil Air Patrol STEM Kit Opportunity

STEM: Science Technology Engineering MathBeware of Seniors Bearing STEM Gifts in Civil Air Patrol

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In seeking to remain relevant, Civil Air Patrol hopes to address an urgent US government need to advance student interest and career talent in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Busy Civil Air Patrol members who lack these skills can fall back on one of the prepackaged STEM kits.

However, when it comes to Civil Air Patrol volunteers teaching STEM with attractive toys, cadets should be on the lookout for any bad apples who show favoritism or otherwise seek to leverage these toys to gain grooming influence over them.

Cadets should never play the nervous game with Civil Air Patrol Senior Members in airplanes or under the night sky with a telescope.

Captain David Greenberg, Civil Air Patrol

Former Civil Air Patrol Nervous Game Champion

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  1. Experience shows that the Civil Air Patrol senior members are not qualified to teach STEM. Even the pilots, both military and commercial, have such a watered down education that CAP will not measure up to fixing how far our students have fallen behind.

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