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by AuxBeacon News Reader

[Editor’s Note: We received this a few days ago as a comment and the author makes several good points.]

I am reading that Civil Air Patrol will now “Develop and include annual Suicide Prevention training to all members which will increase awareness of suicide in CAP and in the local community.”

“Suicide Prevention Training” is also “Suicide Facilitation Training” if understood and unethically twisted.

I have read your articles on CAP as a Cult and on the recent CAP suicides, particularly Rex Glasgow and Tonya Boylan’s. When members of a chain-of-command driven cult like Scientology believe the defamatory gossip issued by commanders who must discredit those exposing them, the commanders are able to achieve a SHUNNING of the member who is exposing the abuse.

When we shun members in our Civil Air Patrol cult for reporting Fraud, Waste or Abuse as required by the regulations, then what do we think might happen to those we shun?

The command staff are the guilty ones, but they control the ribbons and challenge coins and appointments so they can effectively nudge the naive idealists to eventually BLOW THEIR BRAINS OUT.

While Joe Knight III was noticeably absent from the 2018 Southeast Region Conference, I am astounded that Al Bedgood has survived as a useful tool to conduct unpleasant member termination hearings for those who would avoid the muck.

That Richard Greenwood has escaped to stain Congressman Barry Loudermilk and Mark Smith seems a fitting outcome, however.

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  1. Avatar Richard Greenwood | September 18, 2018 at 00:10 | Reply

    You people are a complete joke amd the biggest bunch of loosers i have every come across. you are loosing. CAP is getting bigger and more attention and funding. you idiots cite IG’s from the 1960’s, current FBI investigations that dont exsist and blame suisides on CAP. Did you idiots know Topnya Boylan left a sucide note? Did you know your buddy Phil Boylan was a prinary reason? CAP was never mentioned. If you bothered to get the facts youd find out thqat the Alaska sucide was the result of a broken marrage, not CAP. He STOLE a CAP plane! You do realize that NO HUMANBEING WITH A BRAIN take’s this site ot it’s idiot contributors seriously. all of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. There are more, one in April of this year.
    Jared T. Rogers

    Claymont – Jared T. Rogers, age 14, of Claymont, DE passed away suddenly on April 12, 2018. Born in Salem, NJ, Jared has been a lifelong resident of Claymont, DE. A student, he currently is enrolled in the 9th grade at Concord High School. He enjoyed wrestling, martial arts, fishing and Vex Robotics.

    Jared, a Cadet Sr. Airman with the Delaware Air National Guard Cadet Squadron joined the Civil Air Patrol program in 2015 with Squadron DE-004 before transferring to DE-008 in 2016. He was an active participant in the Emergency Services Program. Jared possessed a willingness to serve and an attitude that personified the core values of excellence, respect, integrity and volunteer service.


      Why are you [redacted] allowing a comment like this when there is no evidence in the obituary that the cadet committed suicide? This is what we mean by sloppy and disrespectful journalism on your part. [redacted]

      [Editor Replies:

      We researched the comment and it is actually common knowledge in the Wing and Region in which you are apparently not. His father stated openly and honestly that his son took his own life. You will be able to find this in the tribute video that he prepared for his son on YouTube.

      After decades of threats and slander to silence and discredit CAP members who would voice out on abuse reprisals in the program, we are trying to provide a hub through which victims can assemble their stories along with any remaining evidence and not feel alone.

      Who would oppose this unless they were guilty of something?]

  3. Avatar Montgomery Shooter | July 10, 2018 at 02:02 | Reply

    US Air Force veteran MSgt Robert Orsi who worked at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery Alabama decided to open fire on his soon to be ex-wife and their triplet daughters before setting fire to his house and turning the gun on himself.

    The shooting occurred on Saturday night and resulted in the death of 44-year-old Charlene Orsi, one of the girls, and 51-year-old Bob Orsi.

  4. Avatar Political Suicide | June 17, 2018 at 21:09 | Reply

    A couple of points on recent CAP deaths and suicides

    Some Civil Air Patrol deaths are natural. Some CAP deaths are suicides of members guilty of a crime. Some Civil Air Patrol deaths are suicides performed by innocent members ordered to clean up a mess who were then intimidated, blackmailed, defamed and became isolated and distraught. All three types of deaths can share a common by-product in that they free up information even if the organization squelches any investigation.

    Notwithstanding the obvious public relations nightmare that rising suicides create for Civil Air Patrol, some of the organization’s leaders must now come to grips with the force that a sufficiently abused member has in the power of their death to expose their duplicity.

    Through the release of Reports of Investigation following certain CAP suicides, the public and novice members are able to see the self-dealing and fraud committed by some pilots and retired service members. They also see the dirty tactics of “lie, deny and counter accuse” that are used to against any who challenge their influence and benefits in a taxpayer-funded flying club and political career advancement tool.

    CAP seeks to protect the organization, not the member. With suicide prevention training, CAP is seeking to prevent damning facts and evidence gathered in investigations from being leaked to the public.

  5. Avatar Aimee McPherson | June 14, 2018 at 14:21 | Reply

    Charlie Sattgast, a Foursquare pastor, was made Chief of the Civil Air Patrol Chaplaincy last summer. He is the first Foursquare-endorsed chaplain to serve in this position with the Civil Air Patrol.

  6. Avatar BeryLoudAnxiety | June 13, 2018 at 23:01 | Reply

    Could you please update the old story or add a new one? This is new in June 2018.

    Court documents now state that Col John Howard, FORMER COMMANDER OF SCOTT AFB, sexually assaulted an airman two times in April 2017 in Maine. In those cases, he is accused of FORCING A WOMAN INTO ORAL SEX without her consent. He’s also accused of rubbing his groin on a senior airman in the United Kingdom and speaking sexually about his genitals.

    Many of us find it frightening to come forward with our accusations of abuse against perpetrators who are highly decorated sociopaths who wiggled into positions of authority. These people use bought friends to protect themselves in the name of their organization and get others to lie to discredit and cause pain to any who try to oppose them. They are scumbags using their power to increase the cost of sadness in life to discourage those who would fight this battle.

    The people who have been abused sexually, mentally, physically or through slander and libel develop eating and sleeping disorders in their grief over what has transpired.

    When Congressman Barry Loudermilk allows himself to be used as a pawn to prop-up thieves and con-artists I also take notice and write letters to the editor.

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