Civil Air Patrol’s Hatchet Act on the Total Farce

Total Farce Hatchet JobCivil Air Patrol Commanders Hatch-up USAF Total Force

by War Dance | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: This arrived to our site just in time for lunchbox reading on the Pacific Coast Highway. Thank you for your contribution.]

I don’t think AuxBeacon is giving former PCR Commander Col Jon L. Stokes or former MIWG Commander Col Curtis J. Boehmer enough credit for what they have achieved this year. The guys your readers are calling “Numbskull” and “Bummer” are true heroes who have publicly taken their HATCHET ACT to hack-up and smash the view that Civil Air Patrol is an element of some legitimate “Total Force.”

Under the requirements of the 1939 Hatch Act (your editors should do a separate “facts-only” story on all its requirements for the good of the cadets):

Among other restrictions, a genuine member of the US military may NOT:

• Use official authority to influence or interfere;

• Be a candidate for, hold or exercise functions of a civil office;

• Use contemptuous words against certain civilian leaders (10 U.S.C. 888) — applies to commissioned officers only;

• Display large signs, banners or posters on private vehicles;

• Display a partisan political sign, poster, banner, or similar device visible to the public at one’s residence on a military installation, even if that residence is part of a privatized housing development;

That Boehmer ran for office during his tenure as Civil Air Patrol Michigan Wing Commander and that Jon Stokes feels comfortable stating that

“Nancy Pelosi is sucking up and selling what’s left of her soul to the devil to be Speaker again.”

shows how insincere they are about operating to true military standards, or worse, that factions are actively using Civil Air Patrol to get around various US Laws and Federal Regulations. Add this to their constant lobbying in light of their 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Status and the Counter Drug operation, which is a whole other matter for a separate investigation.

Civil Air Patrol tools

Civil Air Patrol people used as pawns to get around the Hatch Act?

With his bold actions, Jon L. Stokes seems to have found a clever and very patriotic way to increase the Congressional scrutiny on Civil Air Patrol. Bully for him.

War Dance

5 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol’s Hatchet Act on the Total Farce"

  1. Foxy Memphis SM | December 2, 2018 at 18:25 | Reply

    Makes sense that CAP weenies would be doing this.

    Kellyanne Conway violated Hatch Act on two occasions, as reported by Fox News earlier this year.

    Nikki Halley got caught in October.

    Trump’s White House has 6 more Hatch Act violations as reported by this affiliate.

  2. I think tis really funny how many of the stories here quote Civil Air Patrol members twittering, booking or otherwise surrendering their own words up for public examination.

  3. When Stokes says something like

    “No-one is being held accountable for the fraud they are discovering. Send people to jail and that my deter future fraud. No real deterrence leads to continued abuses and deteriorating trust in the system.”

    I think he finally understands the gangsters of Civil Air Patrol as if he has read through the MARB reports you have published here.

  4. Right, the point is not to suggest that Civil Air Patrol is required to abide by the Hatch Act, although they do have their own CAPM 39 and Honor Guard regulations that emulate parts of it.

    Instead, you are showing that CAP is not the real military at all, that Total Force is a Total Farce and that political factions are actively using duped and sacrificial Civil Air Patrol members to get around various US Laws and Federal Regulations, and that they do this with the Counter Narcotics program as well.

    I agree. For decades since Oswald, Ferrie and Barry Seal, Civil Air Patrol has been used in this way as a sneak around to the Hatch Act so they can pass the dirty deed onto their young, eager junior birdmen. “Let’s get Cappy, he’ll do anything.”

    Pointing this out is going to infuriate them.

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