Civil Air Patrol’s Steve Kuddes Welcomes Return of Rex Glasgow

Rex Glasgow and Steve Kuddes, Civil Air PatrolCivil Air Patrol's Rex E. Glasgow and Steven W. Kuddes

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[Editor’s Note: Following the forced removal of Tony Pineda as Civil Air Patrol’s National Commander, Col Steve Kuddes welcomes Rex Glasgow back into the fold.]

In October 2008, Col Steve Kuddes, the Commander of North Central Region Civil Air Patrol issued the following statement:

I am pleased to announce a new member of the North Central Region staff or more appropriately, announce the return of Rex Glasgow to the Civil Air Patrol. His membership became official 1 October 2008. Rex has served as a squadron commander in Iowa Wing, as the Iowa Wing commander, North Central Region commander and the National Vice commander. He brings a wealth of information and expertise back to us in the North Central Region and to Civil Air Patrol. As soon as he completes all of the requirements such as the CAP Foundations Course, Cadet Protection Training and OPSEC, Rex will be working with Captain Sue Grant at the region headquarters. His official duty assignment will be announced later.

Also, due to some changes at the Red Cross building in Cedar Rapids, our offices will be moving so there will be some disruption for a short time while phone and fax lines plus Internet service is being moved. That will be occurring sometime this month so requests for awards, promotions etc will be delayed for a short time as the office is packed up in preparation for the move.Please join me in welcoming Rex back to Civil Air Patrol and the North Central Region as we continue to move forward as the best region in the Civil Air Patrol.

Colonel Steve Kuddes Commander, North Central Region


Rex E. Glasgow, 59, a lifelong resident of Marion, Iowa, passed away Friday December 9th 2016, in his home.

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