Col Blazich Critical of 75th Anniversary Graphic

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: This morning we received this from an anonymous contact. Thank you for your contribution.]

On CAP’s 75th Anniversary, Col Frank Blazich, the CAP National Historian publicly berates National PAO Staff for errors on anniversary graphic.

Frank Blazich – Who can spot the errors in this graphic? Hint, there are multiple factual errors in the text. [see graphic above]

Glenn [Redacted] – You scared me, I thought there was a typo in the logo.

Frank Blazich –
HAHA, no the logo is the one ACCURATE element here!

Paul [Redacted] – LaGuardia established CAP via his role in the Office of Civilian Defense and we didn’t become an auxiliary until after the Air Force became a separate branch in 47.

Frank Blazich – You could be 16 and join CAP in December 1941, Office of CIVILian Defense during World War II, became aux of USAAF in mid-1943 (after Executive Order 9339, and it was LaGuardia who established CAP by administrative order, not FDR. CAP (NHQ really) was founded 1 December, but legally established 8 December.

Frank Blazich – All someone had to do was ask and this would have been a simple 5 minute email to catch the errors.

George [Redacted] – Frank, the attached article taken from the Pittsburg Press newspaper June 14, 1942 is one example of your research that Civil Air Patrol had members as young as 16 years of age.

Frank Blazich – Top of the right column from the December 1941 pamphlet.

5 Comments on "Col Blazich Critical of 75th Anniversary Graphic"

  1. Clueless as to why so many don’t like Frank Blazich. He’s my freakin’ hero! He is able to $h1t on the higher-ups, expose them all in public, and they take it like grateful masochists.

  2. Saw lots of pictures posted of our ego centric and self-back-patted leaders attending the gala.

    Have you ever wondered how many vans could be fueled for cadet activities or squadron meetings for the cost of ONE VIP $350/night room or plane ticket? Now multiply that by dozens of region and wing commanders and national staff??? And multiply that by the useless CSAG in-person meetings?

    They ain’t stayin’ at Motel 4 folks. They’re in the luxury suites with room service and $1,000/day per diem costs (they buy each other dinner on expense).

    Money? It’s your dues folks.

    When you pay your dues this year, make sure you add a little extra for that luxury suite. And remember, you get NOTHING in return but your hard-working (never to be seen at your meeting) leaders appreciate it.

    The leadership mantra for 2017? Recruit more members! Pay more dues!

  3. Avatar History is, more or less, bunk | December 2, 2016 at 03:13 | Reply

    This image came from the AIR FORCE, not CAP. The information came, as I understand, from CAP sources. There’s plenty of misinformation in CAP that seeps in, and Blazich was no doubt pointing out the inaccuracies. CAP needs to do a better job telling its story, but first, CAP needs to know what its real story is. I’m sure you agree. (For instance, we have people saying CAP sunk a submarine in WWII, and some who say CAP sunk two, when in fact there are no records of a sinking at all!)

    • True… his observations are correct. However, from reading the above, his behavior was evidently inappropriate for a national officer in public. I have noticed that this seems to be a common trend with him of lashing out on others.

    • I looked for that image online and it instantly took me to the CAP 75th anniversary website. That graphic did NOT come from the Air Force. You are full of shit!

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