Col Mark Smith Named Next CAP National Commander

CAP Col Mark SmithCAP Col Mark Smith

By CAP News

Southwest Region’s Col Mark Smith Named CAP’s Next CEO/National Commander
New Top Senior Leader Will Assume Command at 2017 National Conference in San Antonio

Col Mark Smith has been selected as Civil Air Patrol’s next chief executive officer and National Commander by the organization’s Board of Governors.

A change of command ceremony with Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, current CEO/National Commander, will be held during CAP’s National Conference in San Antonio on Sept 2.

Smith, Civil Air Patrol’s Southwest Region Commander, will serve as the organization’s top senior leader for the next three years. As CAP’s 24th CEO/National Commander, Smith will lead CAP’s 57,000 members across the U.S. in fulfilling the organization’s three congressionally chartered missions — emergency services, cadet programs and aerospace education.

“Col Smith has the right blend of leadership skills, qualifications and experience to lead Civil Air Patrol into the future,” said retired U.S. Air Force Lt Gen Judy Fedder, chair of CAP’s Board of Governors. “The members of the Board of Governors look forward to working with Col Smith to continuously improve the organization in support of the outstanding service our members provide to their communities, states and nation.”

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16 Comments on "Col Mark Smith Named Next CAP National Commander"

  1. Who in their right mind would soil their career with Civil Air Patrol? From Bobbick, Bowling, Wheless, and Pineda to Courter and Carr… they were all disasters.

  2. Heads up AB staffers. USAF Command Chief Master Sergeant Jose A. Barraza is in the news. All the good people want out of the Air Force because of the abuse and the vacuum is filled by others.

  3. LMAO .. really!!
    One of our senior members in the squadron got chewed out because his email signature block was not compliant. The reference was CAPR10-1. Turns out the “commander” that called out the new member didn’t bother to even check, as CAPR10-1 was RECINDED last November.
    It gets better.
    The reg was replaced by a pamphlet. The reg was what? 10 pages or so? The pamphlet goes on and on and on for over 50 pages. And, in the pamphlet, it states it is NOT regulatory but a “how to” document.
    Drum roll. The best part is a whole page dedicated to one quote: (attributed to Winston Churchill) “This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.”

    Help me out here. On page two the publication, no compliance required, says no one will read it because it’s too long. What a very odd thing and clearly shows CAP’s preoccupation with non-essential stuff. No wonder we have no missions.

    So, maybe with a new national commander and the regulation rewrite and all the crapola going on … nothing will change.

  4. Avatar Roadrunner | July 4, 2017 at 01:04 | Reply

    The BoG who selected Mark Smith as the next national commander are the same people that have allowed the corruption, abuse and misconduct to fester. Nothing will change.

    • Avatar Ruffed Grouse | July 4, 2017 at 05:08 | Reply

      One thing will change. We won’t have to hear about Vazquez’s screw ups for another 3 years. Smith will soon take his place.

  5. Rob Cote is not alone in his disgust at the findings of abuse and incompetence in Civil Air Patrol. We have seen CAPF31 and AF102 complaint after complaint shuffled off to oblivion, only to have them mysteriously return as evidence of warnings prior to accidents, suicides or member arrests.

  6. @Tooey Underpass

    Yeah, I checked ANN on June 18th right after reading about Mark Smith and saw it was offline. I like your site and Skip Munger’s NOTF because you keep it clean and don’t target cadets.

  7. So now I am told that RI Wing member Chris Pete 80 yrs of age, has been signed off as a check pilot. Please be advised that this individual is seriously hearing impaired with hearing aids in both ears. This individual refused to take a check ride with Major Burns the DOV. The former wing commander Ben Emerick would not allow this individual to fly the 182, to take cadets on O rides, or to qualify as form 91 due to his hearing impairment.

    In addition, this individual has a urinary ailment where he routinely urinates in the aircraft and has done so in front of female members during training missions and on the ramp. He is unable to control his incontinence for more than 30 minutes. On several occasions, he has urinated on the ramp at OQU directly under the control tower. On one incident, he jumped out of 767CA on the taxiway and urinated in front of the RI ANG hanger. These incidents are clearly documented and can be substantiated by several members.

    In 2013, in preparation of the RI ANG air show, the RI Wing had to relocate aircraft off the ramp to PVD. I was the mission pilot that had to move our 172 to PVD. At that time, Chris Pete was the Maintenance Director.

    During my pre-flight inspection, I discovered that both fuel tanks had unacceptable levels of water in the fuel. I made a report to ground the air craft. Chris Pete came to the aircraft on the ramp and told me just to rock the wings and fly the plane. I refused to move the air craft. It was later discovered by the flight records and the statements from AVPORT, OQU, that the last person to fly the aircraft was Chris Pete and that he left the caps off the fuel tanks. Immediately after his flight we had 3 days of torrential rain fall.

    I filed a report with the wing commander and we had mechanic fly from Fitchburg to examine the air craft. The result was that the tanks were loaded with water, they had to be drained, the tanks were examined by boroscope, the fuel lines had to be changed out,and the plane was down for over a month.

    This is the type of incompetence that is prevalent at the RI Wing.

    • If you have NOT been threatened or silenced in any way since revealing the truth about Rhode Island Wing CAP, could you just comment back here with a local METAR.

  8. Avatar Tooey Underpass | June 30, 2017 at 16:41 | Reply

    We’ve noticed that the AuxNewsNow parody site is down roughly since Mark Smith was named as next CAP National Commander. Can you or anyone else look to see if there was a connection between the two? Was ANN a vehicle for Mark Smith?

    • Avatar Fiorello LaGuardia | July 5, 2017 at 05:56 | Reply

      For the record: Our Facebook page is still up:

      I mistakenly entrusted ppaying the site hosting bill to one of our Marines (Smedley Butler). He blew all his cash in a tattoo parlor on liberty in the Philippines so the hosting bill didn’t get paid and they turned the lights off.

      Coincidental that we went down on the 12th of June. Website was getting to be too big of a pain anyway. Facebook is more fun. See you there.


  9. At one time I think the CAP was a really cool organization; but that organization is long gone.

    The leadership pretends to be military, has turned away volunteers with superior skills, grand-stands during searches, makes rumor speculations about individuals, and is not accountable to themselves or others for their actions.

    The above is what I deplore; not the core principal of the former organization.

    You know I tried to have a dialogue with them on their captalk forum. The childishness of the membership was eye opening as to how rotten the organization has become.

  10. Avatar Erich Mueller | June 25, 2017 at 02:51 | Reply

    No doubt Colonel Smith will maintain the Continuity-of-Bravo-Sierra that is standard in Civil Air Patrol. He would not have been accepted if there were any hint of “rock-the-boat” about him. Corruption, abuse and commanders who overstep their authority will no doubt continue.

    I was bitter for a long while about being forced out of CAP, but now I know it was for the best.

  11. Avatar Rocky mountain wiltied flower | June 22, 2017 at 18:35 | Reply

    I called in a couple of favors to ask what the national staff and RMR mood is. According to many paid and volunteer staff this announcement was treated with outright celebration. It seems that col smith is very popular, is a professional in every sense of the word, has high integrity, is solidly in support of CAP and so far the opinion is that he won’t tolerate abuse and the favoritism cap has seen lately. It is safe to say there is excitement in the staff at all levels. This guy seems to be a true leader and is both humble and honest with a good resume to his name.

    The RMR staff reports a sense of dread because kittel will not be leaving and RMR is stuck with him and his abusive leadership style. According to some of the staff, they are looking to bail out and either go back to wings or just go inactive. One RMR staffer said it served kittel right that his buddy myrick didn’t get the nod and that kittel will have to serve out his whole four year term as the RMR commander and try to solve all the crap that is affecting the region.

    While the RMR staff seems to delight in col smith appointment they realize that the region is now stuck with someone with little command experience and someone who plays favorites and is known to be rude and insulting and just gets mad when things don’t go his way. The RMR cc will have to call in a lot of favors to get considered for col smith’s vice and get a star but the betting windows call this a long shot. Too bad for RMR . So stay tuned as the drama unfolds and kittel is stuck with the old utah commander who is less than ideal and who was hoping to step into the top RMR job.

    Lots of people watching this to see what happens.

  12. Smith holds a doctorate in education in ethical leadership from Olivet Nazarene University and is a USAFA graduate?

    Looks like a housecleaning could be coming.

  13. I have wasted waaaay too much time (2 decades) with cover-up crony commanders in this comical total air farce. I don’t know how you evil geniuses got Civil Air Patrol cadidiots to video record Larry Myrick and expose him on YouTube so the BOG would reject him. SMH.

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