Col Stokes Named Pacific Region Commander

Col Jon L. Stokes, Col Alan FergusonCol Jon L. Stokes and Col Alan Ferguson

By CAP NHQ Staff | CAP Volunteer Now News

CAP Col Jon L. Stokes is the new commander of Civil Air Patrol’s Pacific Region, succeeding [Interim] CAP Col John R. Longley [and previous commander, CAP Col Brian L. Bishop].

Stokes, a CAP member since November 2002, served as Commander of the California Wing from August 2011-September 2015. He previously commanded the wing’s San Bernardino Senior Squadron No 5 from December 2004-March 2006 and Los Angeles County Group 1 from May 2008-July 2011.

Most recently, he served as a voting member of CAP’s National Finance Committee; director of the Wing Commander College at CAP National Headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama; Pacific Region government relations adviser; and California Wing director of public affairs. He has also been an emergency services training officer, emergency services officer and incident commander.

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