Communiqué to the Membership

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By AuxBeacon News Staff

On July 15th, 2010 Civil Air Patrol issued the following communiqué to its members. This should serve as a lesson to any individuals attempting to fix the problems in Civil Air Patrol to remain professional and accurate with their language, and to provide supporting evidence for all claims. It should go without saying that organizations have the power to absolve their high ranking members of wrong doing, in the best interest of the organization. That individual might gradually disappear from center stage however. Time will tell.

Communiqué to the Membership
15 July 2010


Civil Air Patrol has become the target of a malicious blogger who has posted false, deceptive, and misleading allegations with an apparent intent to disparage Civil Air Patrol and members of its leadership structure.

These postings are vicious personal attacks by a disgruntled former CAP member with a personal bias against the organization. These attacks have been unprofessional and have included obscene and offensive language.

Specifically, this blogger has directed his personal attacks against members of the CAP Board of Governors (BoG) and CAP National Executive Committee (NEC). These allegations are factually incorrect and grossly distort circumstances and actions of key BoG and CAP leaders.

As just one example, this blogger has repeatedly alleged fraud, waste, and abuse by the current CAP National Commander. In accordance with our regulations, because allegations were lodged they were investigated by Inspector General inquiries which have absolved the National Commander of any wrongdoing. Likewise, similar personal attacks against other BoG and NEC leaders are without any basis in fact.

At the urging of CAP members across the country, Civil Air Patrol is now responding to these false allegations in a manner and tone that reflects our Core Values and refers our members to official CAP websites as the authoritative source of reliable information by CAP members everywhere. In this spirit, the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters team manages three websites –, and – which are designed to keep members and the general public abreast of breaking news and information regarding our successes and challenges in meeting our goals and objectives, our noteworthy achievements and our service to America.

These websites are extremely valuable resources for members, as they provide current and factual information about Civil Air Patrol on an ongoing basis. All postings are designed to be clear, concise and accurate. We invite all CAP members to visit the official CAP sites frequently to stay on top of nationwide news related to CAP.

The NHQ management and Volunteer leadership strive to make CAP a best place for you to invest your volunteer time. We urge all members who opt to express their personal opinions on the Internet to do so in accord with our Core Values, including our Core Value of Respect for our members and stakeholders. These practices will surely represent Civil Air Patrol in a manner that reflects our rich heritage, retains our current membership, and attracts our fellow Americans to join our ranks.

Social media communications strategies, are currently being explored by a committee consisting of members and NHQ staff to determine recommendations designed to assist members in using these resources to our best advantage.

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