“Cook Out” in Florida Wing

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By Ray Hayden | CAP Insights

Southeast Region

This is information from a reader:

CAP Insights disagrees on Col Moresch as SER Commander. There are many dirty secrets involving Col Moresch as Wing Commander such as billing USAF for an activity that appears to have never happened.

But the big question is Lt Col Mike Cook as incoming Commander. Since not one of the members of the Selection Board voted for him (my information is they selected Lt Col Art Giles) and Lt Col Cook is involved in the apparent cover-up or lack of action of the Sacco matter, he’s not the best person to be Wing Commander.

• Why should CAP pay to have three Wing Commanders including one from Texas travel to Florida to hold a Selection Board if the selection had already been made due to politics?

• What action was taken on the cadet injured by an ATV accident at Encampment? This also involved the Wing DCP, Lt Col Valerie Brown, Col Moresch and Lt Col Cook. Quickly covered up.

There are as you know major problems in Florida, but continuing the leadership of the DCP and Cook will not solve anything. I will say that Col Moresch was not getting the complete story on many of the problems, rather that Wing Staff gave him incorrect or incomplete information on several. And the [Former National Commander] connection is still alive and well in Florida.

Now let’s analyze this note a bit.

CAP Insights actually is aware of some financial embezzlement. The problem is that we do not know how Moersch is (or not) involved.

At the recent National Board meeting, we had people looking over a few items of interest for us, one of those, was Col Moersch, as we had never personally met him. The consensus was one of a lack of being impressed. This could have been for any number of reasons, but the primary one might just be that Col Moersch had not been knee deep in this. This means that he just didn’t get the full flavor for the bucket of dung he walked into. Being new to the job, he did what he could with what he had available… like Lt Col Val Brown and those “fine” folks.

Way back when, when Col Moersch had Lt Col Val Brown doing anything of importance, for anything… Col Moersch defended Lt Col Val Brown and almost instantly lost us in regard to any support. Then the open attacks against Col Moersch started up, and seemed ignorant in nature, so we did not pound Moersch into the sand, and watched from afar.

When the Inspection SNAFU took place, Col Moersch took the hit, right in the chest – no one, anywhere in CAP that we are aware of, has ever done such a thing, and he worked to make things right as fast as he could… and did so. Again, taking the hit and making things right is something we had never seen in anyone that high in CAPolitics (new word).

We had several mentions that Col Moersch is not the best thing since sliced bread come our way since he took the position, but nothing that was of anything close to ripping the guy out of office sort of information. In Florida Wing, of late… that is almost like making the guy a saint! Thus, we supported Col Moersch’s time as Florida Wing Commander and have nothing directly bad to say as we feel he was more set up by the scumbags than personally doing anything remotely wrong (we hope we are correct).

On the Lt Col Mike Cook deal… . We are frankly shocked that McChord hasn’t killed Sacco for deflowering his kid. These people know each other. The whole thing is just messed up. If the girl was under age, Sacco is looking at some seriously bad future life as a public sexual predator – was THAT really worth it?

The girl is apparently legal age now – what, he couldn’t have waited? No matter how good looking, if she isn’t legal, she isn’t legal – and there is zero defense for that. On the other hand, and this is more our belief than anything we even care is a regulation, but if an 18 year old Senior Member sleeps with a 19 year old Cadet – that is still beyond screwed up… you just don’t do it folks… keep your thing in your pants… it really ain’t worth it!

The Selection Board might as well be non existent. Correct us if we are incorrect on this, but our memories here feel that the Selection Board, though probably a very valuable tool, are only, at best, a RECOMMENDATION, and not the end all – be all, of the final decision. The higher up that appoints the party can look at the recommendation, and select someone who was never even listed if they so choose – so… why the heck is it even in the current system?

The Cadet who drove the ATV into the other Cadet should have his butt spanked for being a mindless bonehead. The family of the kid who got run over should sue the heck out of everyone even remotely involved with that massive screw up. The injuries to the girl that got run over had been a tad more serious than we thought from initial leaks… they should sue the heck out of everyone… and if they have half a brain among the family, they are. We have nothing else to say about that… and if the Civil Air Patrol settles that case (they should) – you won’t be hearing anything else about it because it will be conducted in secrecy, and the boatloads of cash hefted upon the family will never be publicly mentioned… and that family should get a BOATLOAD of cash!

We have no idea who was involved in it, but let us educate you on Lt Col Val Brown… Everything she says is bright, intelligent, magical… then she leaves the room and you just feel dirty… why? Well, it seems that Lt Col Val Brown comes up with all these incredible ideas – all good by the way… they are… but she is heaping a boatload of extra work on YOU without doing a good God damned thing about helping you get the personnel that are going to be required to get the job done… nice!

So… if Lt Col Val Brown smiles and introduces herself, be polite and RUN away as fast as you can… if you are ANY sort of Commander, and you add her to your staff… you have just proven how incapable of anything worthwhile… you are. Congratulations on being an idiot – and proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And the bottom line for Col Moersch. Moersch served his entire term, something a Florida Wing Commander had not done in a LONG time. He must get the credit for his effort, as most of the problems in the Florida Wing do stem from a long time ago… and they are still alive and festering. It is going to take someone with mighty big balls to get the job done… and with that, we move along to our next subject, Lt Col Mike Cook.

Not in regard to his cover up of someone sleeping with some other members CADET daughter, but as the potential Florida Wing Commander, and not even Lt Col Mike Cook.

Follow along here… you probably do not recall the last Florida Wing deal… we predicted that Col Moersch would be the Florida Wing Commander, and he was. While we had not been overtly public about who we would have selected for this round, the Selection Board appears to have chosen the same person we would have, Lt Col Art Giles.

Lt Col Art Giles was in the running for the spot last time the Florida Wing Command was being looked at, but he was too close (new) in the bullshit that was going on back then, so while we did not have anything against him, we couldn’t support him taking the spot at that time… but time heals, and we DO support Lt Col Art Giles as the Florida Wing Commander NOW.

Lt Col Mike Cook should be looking at a suspension and an eventual 2B (termination), not a good thing for the Florida Wing at this time. The best course of action is to follow the recommendation of the Selection Board and appoint Lt Col Art Giles as the new Florida Wing Commander. CAP will shoot themselves in the foot and place Lt Col Mike Cook in the position, hurting Florida even more for the time being… the largest Wing in all of CAP and they still screw Florida every chance they get.

Well, if Lt Col Cook takes the position, the membership numbers of Florida Wing might just demonstrate the reality of what the Civil Air Patrol has become… because SER Commander, Col Rushing is the one who appointed Lt Col Cook!

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