Cotton-headed Opposition on CAPTalk

Civil Air Patrol CAP Talk ElfCotton-headed Ninness-Muggins

by Finster | AuxBeacon News Contributor

Achtung Zusatzfunkfeuer!

In response to a CAPTalk post from Lt Col Darin Ninness on the bungled visitation of Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson to CAP NHQ, “Eclipse” offered a mocking retort on 12 Dec 17 at 2020hrs UTC. (Please release the video I sent to you!) [Admin: We have been sent an unedited video and our editors are working on a separate article. Finster has effectively written his own piece that can be released straight away. Thank you for your contribution.]

The CAPTalk VIP [Ninness] then implied that “Eclipse” was not properly drinking the Kool-Aid nor serving it up to the troops as a good senior officer in the “Cult of Aggressive Positivity” should.

Eclipse would have none of this dressing-down and tersely defended his derision.

Next, forum recruit Grant Henninger entered the fray and with the full weight of his previous 6 posts he unloaded on [redacted] “Bob” [redacted].

“Bob, you don’t know me, but if you have such a poor attitude towards CAP, then it’s time for you to find other outlets for your energy. Hopefully ones that will bring greater fulfillment and more joy to your life. Remember, attitudes are contagious, and if you have a bad attitude about CAP it will spread to others who you interact with, both online and in person…”

Obviously, Grant is completely oblivious to the long history of embezzlement, sexual harassment, pedophilia, threats and reprisal abuse in Civil Air Patrol that were detailed by former CAP-USAF IG Lt Col Allan T. Stein in his 2005 autobiography, in USA Today and in the articles here on your site. Please add links and artwork to this write-up as needed to direct Grant Henninger to what “Bob” and others have learned over the many years dealing with Civil Air Patrol corruption.

It really grinds my gears that just when the membership finally has the vectors and momentum to get Congress to fumigate this “brood of snakes on a plane,” that such a Cotton-headed Ninness-Muggins could attempt to stifle those making the necessary effort.

If Kirsten Gillibrand will not be silenced regarding Congress and Air Force molestation and abuse, then neither should [redacted] “Bob” [redacted] or Lt Col Jeff O’Hara.

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[Admin: Our editors provided the staff a preview of the Benny Hill style outtakes from the SecAF Heather Wilson national visitation video. Funny stuff. Here’s a sample for you.]

Civil Air Patrol SecAF Heather Wilson visitation video preview.

Civil Air Patrol SecAF Heather Wilson visitation video preview.

6 Comments on "Cotton-headed Opposition on CAPTalk"

  1. I watched the latest spat on CAP-Talk. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I think some questions should be asked. I am hopeful that AuxBeacon will release this comment so I can ask here, because the CAP-Talk people didn’t ask the correct questions and shut down the thread.

    Still a 2nd Lt after 10 years? Has the complainant ever served or asked to serve in a duty position? If he’s never taken on a duty position and worked the online courses, then asking for better flying or a more active unit would not be appropriate.

    What is the implication being made with the “God of Abraham line?”

    The Civil Air Patrol is not a flying club, so a lack of service in roles other than piloting could certainly be stated openly as a reason not to extend an offer until that was rectified. Could the phrase “membership portfolio” be the honest clue?

    The Martinsburg unit could be justified here but need better training in communications. Need more info.

    • I saw that exchange too and had the same questions. What the hell? How could they not have asked and by not asking just left this guy with a false impression?

    • The 2dLt here… I never joined CAP to earn some bogus rank, that’s why I have never gotten around to sending in the box tops to get my 1stLt bars… not what I joined for. I also never joined to be anything other than an emergency aircrew member – I was not there for the flying, I was there to serve with the ability to respond to an emergency request for emergency search and rescue or disaster relief or perhaps for border patrol and homeland security missions. Since it was apparent that the “squadron” needed certain administrative tasks done, I was willing to do such and served as communications officer, operations officer and testing officer in previous squadrons. My job has required many relocations, so I have been in a number of different wings. I have spent an enormous amount of time over the years attending ES related training, and thousands of dollars on travel and flying expenses in order to maintain flying preparation, proficiency and readiness for the ES mission – which never seemed to happen. Oh, and did I mention all the time spent getting my blue beret daughter to and from meetings in a different squadron? Taking the CAP van with cadets cross country to MERSAR? Getting daughter to and from NESA? Or my own trips – three times – to NESA for training? I think I have made more than enough sacrifice to CAP oer the years to be able to join a squadron – especially after I agreed to take on the PAO or Admin jobs they wanted me to take on.

  2. LOL. We can never “unsee” this and after going to the source to read the comments, UGH. CAP commanders are not credible and their PAOs and recruiters are unqualified in damage control. A volunteer service organization based on “core values” cannot just pretend that our leaders never crashed, cheated, spied, lied, concealed, embezzled or intimidated and harmed the reputation of members and former members who tried to end unethical practices.

    In retaliation for these recent public outings, will the leadership seek new member terminations so that even more dirty laundry is sent to NOTF and AuxB? Or, has the fear of continued leaks so paralyzed CAP command that they can no longer afford to 2B loudmouths who speak openly and unfavorably against them without an authorized PAO?

    Until they begin to address all the harm they have done, CAP and Air Force leadership is caught between a rock and a hard-place and will not be able to move forward.

  3. Ninness as an Elf is hilarious!

  4. Unbelievable! The idea that Senior SMs like “Bob”, “Tubarks” and “Spam” who gave decades of volunteer service to our program should STFU and drink the downstream so that the compliant coverup cabal can hold power after the shuffles and terminations is a stinking abomination and a national disgrace.

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