False Accusations & Charges DROPPED Against USAF School Director

Dr Adam B. LowtherDr Adam B. Lowther

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The Albuquerque Journal has reported that Prosecutors have dropped charges against a USAF School Director greatly harmed by false accusations.

A nuclear weapons expert who worked on Kirtland Air Force Base when he was arrested last year on suspicion of sexually assaulting his child has filed a lawsuit against the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office and the state’s child welfare agency, claiming the false accusations have ruined his career and traumatized his children.

The lawsuit brought by Adam Lowther, who at the time of his arrest was the director of the Air Force’s School for Advanced Nuclear Deterrence Studies, and his wife, Jessica Lowther, says that their constitutional rights were violated multiple times throughout the investigation and their children were harmed when they were temporarily placed in foster care.

In October 2018, the District Attorney’s Office in Bernalillo County wrote a three-page declination letter to the Sheriff’s Office about the Lowther case. Prosecutors outlined several problems with the case, including a lack of forensic evidence; problems with the child’s safe house interview; a conclusion that the child’s disclosure could have resulted from an adult assisting a young child in the bathroom; and that the Sheriff’s Office misinterpreted a polygraph that a sergeant administered in which Lowther discussed the allegations.

Prosecutors said that a different polygraph examination Lowther gave where he denied the allegations showed he was truthful. The Sheriff’s Office has declined to discuss the case, citing the ongoing lawsuit. Lowther has said the allegations against him destroyed his career and traumatized his children.

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  1. The convict who made the false allegations was a woman named Betty Duboise, who called CPS after Jessica Lowther began asking too many inconvenient questions. Why did Calvary Christian Academy have a convict serving as a teacher? You can look up Duboise’s criminal record and the lawsuits she has faced. What kind of idiot cop doesnt even check to see if some convict is telling the truth before they destroy someone’s life. That poor family.

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