FBI MATCH Teen Stings Air Force Lt Col in Georgia

Lt Col Willie Newson, Georgia Air National Guard

by Rocky Shield | AuxBeacon News Reader

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In case you missed this, it was reported on December 7th that 47-year-old Air Force Lt. Col. Willie Newson of Celebration, Florida was arrested on Tuesday December 4th at the Radisson hotel in Marietta Georgia on charges of child exploitation. Newson was attempting to meet up with a fourteen year-old he met on a dating app. The teen was an undercover officer for MATCH, the FBI Metro Atlanta Child Exploitation Task Force.

An arrest warrant obtained by Channel 2 Action News said the undercover officer “gave Newson the opportunity to stop communicating several times.”

Georgia Department of Defense spokeswoman Desiree Bamba says Newson was on the command staff of the state Air National Guard. Newson was formerly the commander of the 165th Communication Flight of the 165th Airlift Wing headquartered in Savannah.

“Lt. Col. Newson’s alleged actions do not reflect the values we uphold in the Georgia National Guard,” stated Bamba. He has been placed on leave pending the investigation’s outcome.

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  2. They got another one here in Savannah. His name is John Albis.

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