Federal Funding Drastically Cut for 2017

Civil Air Patrol


Due to continuing resolution (CR), funding for funded proficiency flying has been reduced drastically for all 52 wings of CAP. We have only been given an infusion of $1200 more to keeps us going for the interim which brings our total available to just under $1500. With this issue, I have no choice but to limit funded proficiency flying to only 2 per month, period. If you have a need to do more, you may plead your case and all requests will be reviewed and considered but not necessarily approved. Hopefully in the near future, Congress can get a budget passed that allows CAP NHQ to fully fund all wing’s budgets for FY 2017.

One option that is available and needs to be pushed is orientation rides for cadets. We have over $2k available for orientation flights. This is another option for “free” CAP flying.

Please encourage squadron commanders to get their cadets into the air. If you have no idea who to contact for these rides then please email me at your earliest convenience and I will put you in touch with the right person. Presently, MOWG is significantly behind in orientation rides and we need to improve our position or loose further funding and/or additional aircraft. This is not a threat but a real possibility, especially if we don’t increase the flying per aircraft.

If you have any questions please contact me at your convenience.

Joe St. Clair, Major, CAP

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