Former Base Commander Faces Sexual Assault Charges

Civil Air PatrolCol John Howard, USAF

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Court documents now state that Col John Howard, former commander of Scott AFB, sexually assaulted an airman two times in April 2017 in Maine. In those cases, he is accused of forcing a woman into oral sex without her consent. He’s also accused of rubbing his groin on a senior airman in the United Kingdom and speaking sexually about his genitals.

In December 2017, Col. John Howard was relieved of his command of the 375th Air Mobility Wing.

In January 2018, Col. Leslie A. Maher was named as the new commander for the 375th Air Mobility Wing at Scott Air Force Base.

According to Scott AFB spokesman Captain Ryan DeCamp, Howard has been charged in military court with two specifications of cruelty and maltreatment, two specifications of sexual assault, one specification of conduct unbecoming an officer, and one specification of fraternization in violation of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.

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  1. I would update this story with Col John Howard’s plea deal.

  2. This officer’s reputation was horrible and most cannot fathom that he was ever given a wing to command. Until correct standards are held fairly and transparently for all grades, the quality of leaders will continue to decline. Worse, the numbers in stealth or open rebellion will rise.

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