From Civil Air Patrol to Evangelical Missions… Suspicious

Civil Air PatrolCessna 182 turbo

[Editor’s Note: In 2009, the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters sold a CAP Cessna 182 turbo to a religious relief organization in Bolivia. It has been linked to drug trafficking. The FAA has removed the original ownership of this Civil Air Patrol plane from its online database. It was originally located at the Centennial Airport in Denver of the Colorado Wing during Pineda’s term.]

On October 23rd, 2015, a new operation with micro aspiration in the key, in a “private” shed of the municipality of La Guardia; 14 kilometers from the capital. A photo shows a winged Cessna with red bands and a blue fuselage bottom. But the one that corresponds to this is the Cessna of Gospel Ministries International, used by an evangelical mission led by Herman Gonzalez. We left the Mennonites to fall back on their neighbors of belief! The plane is this indeed the N6271N, a Cessna 182 turbo exported by Bolivia in May 26, 2009 , that does not fly in Bolivia .. . ( here flying over El Trompillo) everyone will quickly recognize that he has actually kept his livery of the Civil Air Patrol!!!

Prosecutor Gustavo Borques reported on the finding of a [former CAP] plane in a private hangar, which is presumed to be used for the transport of controlled substances. “To ratify or rule out this suspicion, a micro-inhalation is being performed on the aircraft, this will give us a more accurate criterion,” said the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Astonishing discovery more! It reminds us of the funny case of this similar movement pilot who died in a hospital, that of the Cornerstone Foundation, after his drug-carrying apparatus crashed in Honduras, a story I told you about right here. . In 2010, another example, crashes into the Amazon rain forest a Cessna U206G, imported in Bolivia, former N732NK of 1979 (No. U20604702) from Cook Airfield Inc

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  1. Is Barry Seal, Jr. flying it?

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