Gaming Core Values for Fun and Profit

Core Values of Civil Air PatrolCivil Air Patrol Core Values differ from US Air Force Core Values

by HyperHawk | AuxBeacon Staff Writer

I was assigned to write a story for AuxBeacon regarding how Civil Air Patrol could not simply accept the US Air Force Core Values “as-is” and, instead, had to massage and extend them to protect self-serving, glad-handing, sycophants. While I was doing my homework researching the history, this message arrived in AuxBeacon’s inbox.

I am really frustrated. A cadet just sent me a link from Florida Group 6 with a photo of a senior member, identified as a member of NHQ staff being interviewed, in FLORIDA. He’s wearing his ABUs and he has a Hawk Mountain ranger tab above his name strip.

I salute him for his service. But my cadet asked me… if a Lt Col from NHQ staff can wear his ranger tab on his ABUs, why not me? So, I went to the hawk mountain site and found (after digging) a policy letter dated 2017 that said the hawk mountain specialty stuff may NOT be worn on the ABU outside of hawk mountain. It was pretty clear that if you violate the rule you would be zapped or some such.

So why,in the name of core values (like integrity or excellence) would a national hq staff member openly violate the rules of uniform wear AND of hawk mountain? Now I as a senior member and mentor of cadet leaders have to tell my cadets why they cannot wear something that a NATIONAL staff member is openly wearing during a MEDIA interview? This is why we have a leadership problem in CAP.

I suggest you start a post of core value examples to point out why teaching these values is NO GOOD if seniors, especially national staff, don’t follow them!

Pissed am I. Here’s the link to the photo of Lt Col Robert Shaw being interviewed:

The author of this concern is not alone. Many Civil Air Patrol leaders have been rewarded for the lies they have told to deny the facts of member offenses, discredit whistle-blowers, destroy evidence and conceal the past crimes of money-makers and other tools. How do they get away with this?

They get away with this because the Civil Air Patrol Core Values and Regulations have been written to allow it.

In the Civil Air Patrol Core Values… Integrity is not first and is weighted equally with three others. After all, even Dwight Eisenhower lied about Francis Gary Powers, right? Surely Civil Air Patrol can support its commanders lying to destroy American citizens who stumble into taxpayer fraud, theft and IRS violations in Civil Air Patrol.

In the Civil Air Patrol Core Values… Service is not placed Before Self, but Volunteer Service will be expected of you. This volunteer service may include the falsification of forms or the protection of lower level volunteers who have done this. The Zayas-Wong Affair is a solid example of that. As new Civil Air Patrol “Government Relations Advisor” all can see that Jeffrey M. Wong has received his pay-off for even the failed attempt to conceal the Civil Air Patrol Zayas forgery.

In Civil Air Patrol Core Values… we don’t expect Civil Air Patrol volunteers to be Excellent in All They Do. How could they be? Sometimes a hack is required to keep the lights on in a key location for a Congressman.

In Civil Air Patrol Core Values… we can weed out “reg Nazis” and “Boy Scouts” who ask embarrassing questions of sloppy and corrupt commanders by suggesting that they are not in tune with the CAP Core Value of RESPECT.

As other articles here have shown, Civil Air Patrol has become a national embarrassment of the same old cronies circling to dish themselves awards to justify their perpetual draining suck from the teet of mother taxpayer.

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  1. Avatar Rocky mountain wilted flower | December 22, 2018 at 02:56 | Reply

    Eavesdropping at a confernce i listened to region vice commander niedfeldt talking to some seniors and he was just blowing smoke. if you asked him about it i am sure he would not even acknolege he was not truthful and i think a lot of senior leaders are like this that they live in such a state that their not aware they are untruthful. its just how they live and in their lifes no one has really challenged them so they just make stuff up as they go.
    someone called it toxic leaders and maybe thats right but maybe they just have no ethics? so core values to them isnt an issue because when they look in the miror their doing it all ok. maybe a caracter flaw that CAP somehow makes up for their lack of something in their life? they can strut as a tin soldier and never even have to do anything exept lie their way up the chain. sad, really.

  2. This is a good start, but we also need to expose the regulations that have been changed to further protect the corporation at the expense of victims of the corporation.

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