General Vazquez Appoints Tom Kettell as CAP IG

Tom KettellTom Kettell

By Henrico Citizen

Before CAP Maj Gen Vazquez’s remarks at the 2014 national conference on Aug 15, he introduced three members of his command staff – Executive Officer Col Larry Ragland, Inspector General Col Tom Kettell and Chief of Legal Corps Maj Gen Dwight Wheless.

No IG Complaints Investigated by the National IG Staff for 18 Months under Maj Gen Carr
By Tom Kettell | The IG Audience Newsletter, Aug 2013

We are not in the investigation “business”! We are in the complaints resolution business. This is a significant driving definition of what we are doing. In the last 18 months, the National IG staff has investigated zero (0) complaints! That does not mean there were no complaints received; it means “Q” has found a better pathway to resolve complaints in all these instances that did not require an investigation process. Investigations are a SIGNIFICANT EMOTIONAL EVENT in the lives of all the CAP members. They should be necessary but rare. We are reminded that CAPR 123-2 Para 8e (2) defines four other things to do!

IG Process under Maj Gen Carr

IG Process under Maj Gen Carr

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