Georgia Civil Air Patrol and the Helicopter Crash

Civil Air Patrol

By Michael LaForgia | Palm Beach Post | August 6, 2010


Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol has found the dead bodies of Jupiter businessman Adam Reeves, 45, and his passenger Shelley Zapototsky, a registered nurse, at the North Georgia crash site of Reeves’ bright-colored 2006 Robinson R44 helicopter. According to Maj. Paige Joyner, spokeswoman for the Georgia Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, the helicopter was found in a heavily wooded area of the north Georgia mountains around 2:30 pm on Friday August 6th 2010. The helicopter refueled about 6 pm on Monday August 2nd at a municipal airport in Madison, GA, and then took off again, Joyner said.

Interviews and records show that Reeves was a former United States Air Force medic who ran healthcare and realty companies in Palm Beach County. He received his pilot’s license in September 2009, Federal Aviation Administration records show. His chopper left the North Palm Beach County Airport Monday and was expected at 7 p.m. that night at the Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa in Young Harris, GA.

Bob Munro, a neighbor of Reeves, said earlier this week that Reeves spent hours planning his Georgia trip and had intended to make it with an experienced pilot.

Reeves, he said, had never flown over the sort of mountainous terrain he would encounter in northern Georgia, but said the task didn’t faze his neighbor.

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