Georgia Wing Commander Commits Suicide

Col Tonya BoylanCol Tonya Boylan

By AuxBeacon News Staff

The CAP Volunteer states that… Boylan, former GA Wing Commander, passes at age 56

In reality, Col Tonya R. Boylan, a blackmailed and deposed former Georgia Wing Commander and ignored Southeast Region Inspector General committed suicide in Franklin, Heard County Georgia on November 20th 2013. She was 56 years old. She had been removed early from command because her staff had been caught in multiple embarrassing findings and they were threatening to state that her decision-making was based upon nepotism.

Numerous CAP officers who had previously brow-beat and threatened her in Georgia Wing meetings came out to rally behind her image.

“Many of us served under Col Boylan’s leadership, and we are saddened and shocked by her sudden passing,” said Col Richard J. Greenwood, who replaced Col Boylan as Georgia Wing Commander in April. “Her love for the Civil Air Patrol is evidenced by the many years of unselfish service she gave her community, her squadron, and the entire state of Georgia.

“Our hearts go out to her husband, two sons and other family members in this difficult time. Our prayers are for them, and our thoughts are with them,” Col Greenwood said.

However, Col Greenwood privately went around her son’s bereaved father, former Group I Commander Maj Philip R. Boylan to see if the young cadet would approve of Col Greenwood naming the Georgia Wing PAO of the Year Award after his deceased mother. His son rightly deferred to the wishes of his father and older brother Capt Philip A. Boylan, who briefly served as commander of the soon to be defunct Rome Composite Squadron. Both men, who also suffered under Col Greenwood’s clever emails, backdoor manipulations and implied threats apparently declined Col Greenwood’s clumsy and insensitive request.

The details of the truth in the back story require diligent investigation and respectful handling. The authors, editors, attorneys and her family hope that one day the full story can be revealed.

Those of us who met her in national events and conferences offer our condolences.

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5 Comments on "Georgia Wing Commander Commits Suicide"

  1. There are other suicides in Civil Air Patrol that you have not reported. Rebecca “Becky” Marseglia 2005.

  2. How bad can the Civil Air Patrol isolation and defamation tactics be across the program or in aviation and service for this kind of reaction? I am thinking about Rex Glasgow and others who I have more personal knowledge about. All this to cover up their fraud waste and abuse?!?

  3. Avatar Ray Hayden, CAP Insights | October 12, 2017 at 04:05 | Reply

    A search of the Criminal Air Patrol “newsy” page reveals the following…

    “Sorry, your search returned zero results (Tonya Boylan)”

    Sorry indeed…

    • Avatar SmithSkidMark | September 7, 2018 at 12:57 | Reply

      Ray Hayden makes an excellent point here that exposes the lies that were circulated by CAP members, including national, and never disavowed by Mark Smith. There is no news of the crimes, accidents and abuses that we find monthly taking place in Civil Air Patrol. I agree with other(s) here who claim that CAP National Commander Mark Smith is lying when he says that CAP [Spews] is the best source.

  4. Greenwood also caused unnecessary stress on Michael Bell that helped accelerate his death too. I was on his wing staff. I know what he did. Greenwood tried to terminate Bell in over a year long process because he reported racial discrimination in his Wing. He treated Tonya on the same level. Shame on you Greenwood!

    If I were a member of the Bell or Boylan families, I’d sue the CAP for Greenwood’s negligent actions. Lawsuits won’t bring them back, but it will be a form of justice. The CAP needs to pay for these unfortunate and unnecessary attacks by this man. CAP has plenty of money to go around.

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