“Hurding” the Votes at the CAP National Conference

Rep. Will HurdRep. Will Hurd

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[Editor’s Note: We received this from a Texas Wing member. Thank you for your contribution. Rep. Will Hurd was seen at the CAP National Conference in San Antonio trawling for votes from the CAP membership for his upcoming re-election in November. As our contributor states below, he doesn’t seem to understand the relationship between the kind of “bang” inside Civil Air Patrol and the dues money or tax money being paid out.]

Civil Air Patrol aircraft returned to the skies over Texas today to provide support for the state of Texas and the Federal Emergency Management Agency as part of their response to Hurricane Harvey.

Two planes flew out of San Marcos Regional Airport this morning to take photographs over Corpus Christi and Rockport. An additional six aircrews are assigned to photograph flooding along the Upper and Lower Brazos, the Colorado River and Houston Bayou.

The state and FEMA have tasked CAP members to take photos of key infrastructure and resources over areas ravaged by the Category 4 hurricane and its torrential rains. Both agencies will use the imagery to assess damage in these hard-hit areas.

U.S. Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, visited CAP’s incident command post in San Antonio this morning for a briefing on air operations. “It really is an activity about saving people’s lives, and is is an efficient use of federal dollars … the bang for the buck is quite high,” the congressman said.

We don’t believe this congressman understands what is really going on inside Civil Air Patrol and we wish to call his attention to the recent exit of two COO’s Don Rowland and John Salvador in short sequence as well as the pedophile and aviation accident events that you have assembled here.

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CAP Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, Rep Will Hurd

CAP Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, Rep Will Hurd

8 Comments on "“Hurding” the Votes at the CAP National Conference"

  1. “I disagree with President Trump on a recent thing, Roy Moore,” Hurd said on MSNBC. “I think Roy Moore is an abomination to the Republican Party. And that’s one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on, and the senior senator from Alabama even said that Alabama deserves better and the American people deserve better.”

  2. In February 2017, Rep. William Ballard Hurd (R-TX23rd) voted AGAINST a resolution that would have directed the House to request 10 years of Trump’s tax returns, which would then have been reviewed by the House Ways and Means Committee in a closed session.

    Hurd openly opposes abortion and supports a ban on embryonic stem cell research.

  3. Avatar BlutundJugend | October 28, 2017 at 10:24 | Reply

    Hurd and Celeste Gamache and other CAP political wannabes serve to expose the resistance to acknowledging the corruption as a first step to fixing it. One of your contributors called it right a few months back this summer. In some regions, Civil Air Patrol is a political youth indoctrination program.


  4. Avatar Otto Accident | October 19, 2017 at 16:35 | Reply

    I have “personally spoken to this individual” face-to-face while he was acting in his COO activity. This occurred, as alluded to earlier, midafternoon yesterday. The CAP Insights & News of the Force reports are clearly inaccurate.

  5. Avatar Otto Accident | October 19, 2017 at 01:38 | Reply

    “the recent exit of two COO’s Don Rowland and John Salvador in short sequence”? Ummm … as of this afternoon Salvador was still COO. Where are you getting your information?

    • The “Hurd at National Conference” story was submitted to AuxBeacon based on what I saw in San Antonio and in the news reported on CAP Insights and at News of the Force. If you have personally spoken to this individual through his office line at Maxwell, let everyone know so that CAP Insights and Skip will run honest updates to include those facts. You can expect the common tactic of drawing out the transition in an attempt to conceal what has already been leaked. You may be able to prompt Skip to try calling him again.


  6. Avatar abtGinaOrtiz | October 17, 2017 at 19:19 | Reply

    Did they invite Gina Ortiz Jones? She is a former Air Force intelligence officer and many people like her.

    • No, Gina Ortiz Jones was not invited to the Civil Air Patrol National Conference, even though it was announced she was entering that race against Hurd on August 3rd.

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