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By AuxBeacon News Staff

We appreciate your advisory contributions but in order to go to press with your material, we would need more evidence. Please forward it here.

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  1. Why hasn’t anyone come forward with evidence in what happened in Idaho wing? It needs to be exposed and those responsible held accountable.

    [Admin: Well, why haven’t you? You can describe what you have and if it is credible we can provide a contact to one of our reps to receive it from you.]

  2. Avatar Cadet Hunted | January 24, 2019 at 01:37 | Reply

    Both Jed’s parents and police investigating his disappearance are skeptical Jed committed suicide, despite a threat to harm himself. Allen Hall worked as a police officer for several years and said people who take their own life tend to be found relatively quickly.

    Idaho Falls Police Department Sgt. Jon Johnson said investigators explored leads within a day of the investigation. Attempts to locate Jed by his phone have also been unsuccessful. Since then, police have been waiting to see if the silver 2009 Nissan Versa Jed left town in is found or stopped.

    With hunting season and winter on the way, police are asking hunters to keep an eye out for the car in case Jed abandoned it in a remote location.

    The one clue of Jed’s intentions comes from a journal left outside when he took the car. Allen was looking near the door where Jed had exited the house and found it in the snow.

    The journal detailed items Jed intended to take with him. He listed not only survival supplies, but also plans to disguise himself, blend in so no one would notice him.

    Allen said his son enjoyed a show with a similar premise, a 2017 CBS series called “Hunted.” The show was about teams of two attempting to avoid investigators for four weeks. Allen Hall said his son picked up on two mistakes the losing teams made: they used their phones, or they tried to contact friends and family. He would talk with family about the show and how to disappear, but never so intently that they thought he would attempt it himself.

    “It’s not impossible to drop off,” Allen Hall said. “You just have to be able to make sacrifices.”

    Since his disappearance, Jed’s family has had to adjust to life without their 16-year-old son. Allen Hall said he and his wife think about their son every day. The concern and worry are still present, but life goes on.

    Allen said he believes his son is smart enough to make it on his own. He said Jed is experienced at camping, including during the winter. Even so, Allen keeps himself ready to leave at any time.

    “I’m set up so I can leave in half an hour,” he said. “There are no circumstances that can’t be overcome. I’m not mad at him, I respect what his reasons are, whether I agree with them or not.”

  3. Not sure if your team would care, but 16-year-old Civil Air Patrol Matthew Jedediah “Jed” Hall is still missing.

    Cadet Hall left his house on January 22nd 2018 in a silver 2009 Nissan Versa hatchback with plate number 8B EF732. He had a small duffel bag and A FIREARM

    but no bank or credit cards, according to Idaho Falls Police.

    His parents are skeptical that Jed committed suicide, despite a threat to harm himself.

    Please see my contact entry for more on this.

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